Doodle God: Crime City Review

Doodle God: Crime City Review

Doodle God: Crime City – And then they asked me, God, what should be created next. You shaped the earth, gave name to the elements and populated its surface with animals and Humans. I thought long and hard, and then it came to me.. Let’s create brothels and crime! In this installment of Doodle God, JoyBits, Inc dives into the realm of Crime and Treachery. Did they do well, or was this God banned to hell? Only time will tell..

What is Good?

Mind Bender: Just like previous Doodle God games, this one will leave you scratching at your head as well. Some of the combinations that you can create will be pretty straight forward, but others won’t be as easy. Some are even cheekily funny. Ex. Hand + Person equals… Giggidy giggidy. Though this might be a fun facet, it still has its limits. You shouldn’t go into this game expecting to be doing a long playthrough, as it can get pretty frustrating if you can’t seem to mix and match anything anymore. Take your time, play this game in bursts and you’ll get more fun out of it!
Play Anywhere: One of the best, if not the best, selling point of this game is that it can be played on your either your xbox or on PC. Just buy it through the Microsoft store and you can play it where ever you want. We shouldn’t forget the selling price, which comes in at a low 6.99 Euro or 6.99 Dollar.

Mixed Feelings

Re-Skin: If you have ever played any of the other Doodle God games, you’ll immediately feel familiar with Crime City. It’s exactly the same, just a different setting. Even the book that you combine your elements in is just the same old copy paste from the previous iterations. Pity, because they could have used, for instance, a notebook that the old school police used to write their tickets in. The world map is replaced though with a city view that you slowly fill in, the more combinations you create but that is basically it.
Campaign: The campaign just felt a bit odd to me. You first play as a little crook planning his first heist to be followed by a mission where you become a cop. It could just be me that has this feeling but I think they could have adhered it more together instead of its current form of putting all the pieces together to form the story. You’ll blaze through it as well as there are just 6 episodes, though tricky, they are completed quickly.
Song: There is just one song that plays on a loop constantly. Nothing new of course, as in previous predecessors this was the same exact science as well. But just as with those, it gets boring and stale pretty darn fast and you’ll be turning down that volume and put some of your own tunes on.

What is Bad?

  • Nothing: There really is nothing bad about this game. JoyBits is just continuing on past success and this can be seen in this game as well. They are using their tried and true method of game building and I applaud them for this, even though this might just be reskinning a game!

Doodle God: Crime City [Score: 65/100]

If you want to play a nice puzzle game, give this game a try. Just like with all the other Doodle God games, this one will give you some bang for your buck. Just don’t play it for hours straight. Lest you want to keep your sanity after trying to combine the same elements that didn’t work the past 100 times you tried combining them. But oh dear, this God has got to leave. Seems like I got to invent me some Police to combat all these Criminals that I just created!