Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings review

Gamers, it’s over with complaining that Xbox One doesn’t have a good baseball game. Yeah, I know Super Mega Baseball doesn’t have the MLB license but who needs that when you have a game that’s fun?

— Who needs realism when you have cartoon-like heroes?

I had literally no clue how people played baseball, so I was kinda scared throwing myself in Super Mega Baseball but to my surprise the developer made a really easy tutorial without lots of boring dialogue so everyone can understand the game. You learn while playing and that’s the best way forward. The game has this cute cartoon-like funny feeling all over it and a well-crafted control system for throwing and hitting the ball. Don’t start this game thinking “ill play this for three hours straight” it’s not a bad thing but this game is made for short game sessions. And I think the developer would agree with this. No MLB license might be a disappointing thing for real die-hard baseball fans but with a deep Custom character toolset you can create everyone you like in a short time frame. The only real negative element about the game is no online multiplayer but you can play local with your friends.


  • Really designed for short game sessions
  • Deep custom character ability so you can recreate whoever you want
  • Topnotch tutorial so everyone understands the game
  • The battle between the pitching and batting is fun, balanced and addictive
  • Multiple leveling systems to keep an eye on
  • A good arcade baseball game was more than welcome for Xbox One


  • No online multiplayer
  • The fielding (catching the ball) lacks something special
  • A few more modes would have been welcome
Score: 80/100

5,884 thoughts on “Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings review

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