Yet Another Zombie Defense HD Review

Yet Another Zombie Defense HD Review

Yet Another Zombie Defense HD

When a developer is named Awesome Games Studio you would expect that the created games are.. you guessed it, awesome. If that is the case for Yet Another Zombie Defense HD is something you will find out in this review. Important to know is that this zombie game is a very low-cost game, a hamburger in Belgium is more expensive. 


  • You don’t see it often that a small game like this has online play, I was excited to see the option to play with friends and strangers! Not many people are playing online but I never had any issues finding a game. (it is listed in lobbies) You can also play the game with local players, if you have some friends over.  Important to know is that the online connections between players were always fantastic, I never had a disconnect or never saw any lag. Well done devs!
  • The easy to pick up gameplay really shines in the Defense game mode, in other similar games building stuff really becomes an annoying task but with Yet Another Zombie Defense HD it is fast and easy. Communication while playing online is crucial while building up a base with turrets and Barricades, making it a pretty unique experience.
  • You will be doing the same thing over and over again but the repetitive gameplay remains really fun and exciting. Some weapons are really fun to use, for example the chainsaw and sniper rifle. Building a decent base and repairing it after each wave is rewarding and seeing it crumble down by the enemies is painful but at the same time really daunting too. Will it keep the enemies out? Will I remain safe? Will I survive the next round? All those feelings make the game a real addictive experience.


  • You have three different modes to choose from, but only one really stands out. You will need to survive in all three modes with a few changes. In Deathmatch you play against other players (PVP), in Endless you need to survive wave after wave (you get Achievements for it, longest required is five minutes) and finally Defense is another wave after wave mode but you can buy stuff between rounds, weapons, turrets and most importantly barricades.


  • Yet Another Zombie Defense HD’s main issue is that it only has one environment (or map). Despite being cheap, something a little bit more advanced than a dark room with one lamppost would have been more than welcome. For a game with (fun) repetitive gameplay it doesn’t help that the visuals never really change, one or two new levels could have made this game a lot more vibrant.

Yet Another Zombie Defense HD [Score: 71%] Is the game awesome like the developers name suggests? Yes and no, I really had a blast playing this zombie survival game with online strangers. It would be been cool to see a little bit better visuals and more variation but it is hard to not recommend this cheap game when you love playing something with friends, online or not.