Xbox & Bethesda Showcase special

Xbox & Bethesda Showcase special

Here’s our recap for Xbox Bethesda’s showcase. Be sure to let us know what you think about Xbox’s big show!

  1. A gameplay look at Redfall, that’s how the Xbox & Bethesda showcase started. Shooter fans, especially those who love to play co-op, will adore this title coming from the makers of Prey and Dishonored. Coming exclusively to the Xbox platform.

2. A sequel that many gamers were hoping for and coming DAY ONE with Xbox Game Pass. Hollow Knight Silksong.
3. A game from the makers of Rick & Morty! Whaaaaaaaaat!! Called High on Life and coming this October, included with Xbox Game Pass. Exclusively (timed) for Xbox

4. Partnership with Riot Games, Console gamers have jack shit with this announcement but for PC gamers this is massive! With an Xbox Game Pass sub you will get all champions for free in League of Legend or Valorant and other benefits in other Riot Games.
5. A Plague Tale: End of Innocence is once again confirmed as a DAY ONE Xbox Game Pass title and is releasing this year. A very impressing looking game!
6. Gameplay Forza Motorsport, releasing in 20… 23. Do yourself a favor and see this trailer in 4K, it is beyond impressive and by far the most beautiful visual performance I ever seen from a game.

7. Flight Simulator is celebrating its 40 anniversary and brings out a free update that allows you to control Halo’s UNSC ship. Available today! More content is coming in November with helicopters, gliders and more!
8. Overwatch 2 is releasing free-to-play on Xbox starting October 4th!
9. A new exclusive for PC gamers and PC Game Pass, Ara History Untold.
10. expansions announced for ESO, named High Isle and also for Fallout 76, the Pitt is coming in September!
11. Forza Horizon 5 gets a new expansion with Hot Wheels! You can even make your own tracks with 80 different road pieces. Looks fantastic!

12. Ark 2 coming exclusively to Xbox in 2023 and Game Pass.
13. Horror game Scorn finally has a release date! It is coming exclusively for Xbox October 21.
14. Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn coming to Xbox (multiplatform)
15. This was leaked a few days ago, but a brand-new Minecraft game is coming early 2023! Minecraft Legends is a family-friendly strategic RTS. While created by Xbox Game Studios it will be a multiplatform game, it will also be available DAY ONE on Xbox Game Pass.

16. Land on a new world and create new life, that’s what you will do in Lightyear Frontier. Coming exclusively for Xbox!
* Lots of exclusive game announcements now!
17. The Last Case of Benedict Fox coming exclusively for Xbox in 2023
18. As Dusk Falls coming exclusively for Xbox on July 19, 2022.
19. Naraka: Bladepoint a very popular 60-player PVP mythical action combat on PC is coming exclusively to Xbox!
20. Xbox Game Studios and Obsidian announce a brand-new (smaller) game called Pentiment. A somewhat weird narration game that’s coming out this year!

21. Grounded is going out of Preview and will have his full release in September, obviously with lots of new content! Xbox exclusive too!
22. Ereban Shadow Legacy announced, another Xbox exclusive coming out in 2023.
23. Diablo IV gameplay on Xbox Series X, looks incredible and releases in 2023 with a new Necromancer class. I think we have our GOTY for 2023? Or will it be Starfield?
24. Season 7 for Sea of Thieves introduces being a captain and making your own ship!
25. Coming to Xbox Game Pass: Cocoon from the makers of Limbo and Inside
26. Xbox exclusive Ravenlok announced for, you guessed it… 2023.
27. Koei Tecmo and Team ninja announce a brand-new game that will be available on DAY ONE with xbox Game Pass! Called Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

28. Persona is finally coming to Xbox, more good news as it is coming for Xbox Game Pass! Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5 Royal. You can stop Tweeting Phil Spencer now.
29. Legendary Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima becomes a part of the Xbox family and announces a partnership for a brand-new game. More details to follow!
30. We have been waiting for it, here it is GAMEPLAY FOR STARFIELD!!!