Write for LifeisXbox!

Write for LifeisXbox!

We are looking for gamers with writing talent that want to review PC games, preferably with an Xbox One too. Does this sound like you? Be sure to read on!

We are starting with PC game reviews, we have noticed that the demand is pretty big and publishers and PR ask us to review PC games on a regular basis. If you are interested please check the following requirements BEFORE contacting Dae Jim.


  • We search for honest people that can work on a strict schedule.
  • Writing in English with advanced words shouldn’t be an issue.
  • You need to have a Facebook account to be able to join our private group and chat.
  • Having an Xbox One is a plus, for helping with busy moments.
  • Enough time to finish at least one review each week.
  • We provide you with the games, there is no extra reward. (you won’t earn money)

Does the above sound like you? Follow us on Twitter and start chatting with Dae Jim!