What is new for ReCore: Definitive Edition?

News: If you ask my opinion they should have just delayed the original ReCore so we didn’t end up with this situation. That said, let’s take a look at what new features you can expect in this ReCore Definitive Edition.

  • First things first, ReCore has much better visuals, increased resolution and better anti-aliasing.
  • A complete new story has been added, named “Eye of Obsidian”
  • The new bot that was promised months ago wil finally be available. T8-NK Corebot will have some deep impact on gameplay, you can also travel a lot faster than before.
  • New environments and dungeons
  • New gear for all bots and three new weapons for Joule.
  • New enemy types, for more variation.
  • Reduced loading times
  • Improved frame rate

ReCore Definitive Edition will be available worldwide on August 29, it will also be added for Xbox Game Pass!