What did you and we play this weekend?

What did you and we play this weekend?

Be sure to let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram what YOU played! For now, here are a few LifeisXbox writers to tell you about their weekend.

Dae Jim: Xbox Series X! That, besides getting a new plant and watching some iZombie on Netflix and two movies was my weekend. Especially Yakuza: Like a Dragon is overwhelmingly addictive and I just can’t seem to stop playing it. Otherwise, I tested many, many games to see the next-gen improvements. Forza Horizon 4, Dirt 5, Watch Dogs: Legion, Gears: Tactics and Valhalla.

Maui: This weekend I stayed home to do chores and chill on the couch a lot, mostly watching series. I did start playing Kingdom of Hearts: Melody of Memory on my Nintendo Switch and ended up enjoying it a lot! Also squeezed in a little bit of The Fishery, an Early Access game on Steam that I am currently reviewing, and it’s basically just a relaxing game that I play when also watching television. So stay tuned for these two reviews!

Xendacine: Well this weekend was a special one. I mostly just played next-gen games!
A whole load of Tetris was played haha. Man multiplayer coop is amazing here! Also played some Cobra Kai and Need for Speed hot pursuit Remastered! These games are both interesting studies! Reviews coming soon. Once I played enough Xbox, I played a bunch of League of Legends trying out Season 11 Preseason! Special, overturned and different would be what I call it. But as with every change: you just have to get used to it!

Robby: I’ve spent most of the weekend still adjusting to the power of the Xbox Series X, playing games in my library that have been updated for it. Mortal Kombat 11, Maneater., Ori and the Will of the Wisps. But I’ve spent the majority of my time getting hooked to Watch Dogs Legion again. The improvements here are truly next-gen, with the depth of field increased, the reflections looking fantastic and the general detail of the world feel improved as well. I played it sitting only a few feet away from the TV for even more immersion and I’ve really had a blast: This game looks AMAZING and the shorter loads are a gamechanger! Other than this, I’ve also been playing Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, which disappoints a bit with its repetitive gameplay, but still manages to reel me in through nostalgia alone.

Rafael: We had elections this Sunday. I usually visit my parents when voting, but as all my family has COVID, I only could see them from the window. Felt really bad about it =(
On Saturday, tried to watch Captain America with my wife – and she slept within less than 30 minutes of the movie. But I won’t give up and will try again. We switched for Big Bang Theory and then I fell asleep after a couple of episodes. On Sunday, tried to play some Grim Fandango with her too – who fell asleep within 20 minutes of gaming. Apparently, only games from Artifex Mundi get her attention. So, after she slept, tried some more cheevos in Crackdown (yeah, the first one from 2007) and that’s all my gaming weekend.