What did you and we play this Valentine weekend?

What did you and we play this Valentine weekend?

Be sure to let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram what YOU played! For now, here are a few LifeisXbox writers to tell you about their weekend.

Dae Jim: Sometimes people think all I do is play games, well this weekend was a fine example that that’s not always the case. I did have a Rover Wars launch party on Twitch and played some Little Nightmares but this weekend was all about romance. There is only one Valentine day 🙂

Robby: Not an active gaming weekend, continued with some Valhalla (again) where I’m slowly crawling towards the story’s conclusion. I also played the Belgian game Rover Wars, mostly to get the last remaining achievements. It’s a simplified version of an RTS that’s good for a quick completion. Lastly, I had a go with Rolling Hamster for next week’s 1UP Belgian Game Spotlight. It’s a one-button racing game where you play as a hamster in one of those rolling balls, I hope it’ll get ported to Xbox at some point. 

Maui: My gaming weekend was mostly focused on testing games to review. I played some Doors of Insanity (currently in Early Access) on my laptop and ended up really liking it. Also played some Dungeons & Bombs, a new Switch game. Also a fun game, but I suck at it so I’m gonna give it another try later this week. You can expect a preview and review soon. My boyfriend also got me Little Nightmares (I know, I’m late). I’ve wanted to dive into the franchise for a while now, and I finally did this weekend. Wow, what a great game. Only spent a little time playing it because of a lack of time, but can’t wait to continue this week!

Vicci: I’ve been quite inactive with video games this weekend. I’ve played both Warframe and SMITE which have taken up my entire weekend with a cheeky bit of Microsoft Sudoku thrown in too. On Warframe, I’ve been working towards some of the Valentine’s Day limited time offers which included some gorgeous cosmetic wings for my frames. On SMITE, I’ve been trying out some new Gods for both support and mid roles. Infinite assault was also a fun change of pace. As for Sudoku, I’ve been completing my daily challenges for achievement purposes.