What did we play this weekend #3

Bit later as you might expect, I was out sick and could only publish it now. Sorry!
Be sure to let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram what YOU played! For now, here are a few LifeisXbox writers to tell you about their weekend.

It feels weird to start any new games on the dawn of a new console generation, so I mostly focused on cleaning up the ones I already started like Carrion or Double Kick Heroes (thanks, GamePass!). I also finally beat Road to Ballhalla (the Dark Souls of Marble games, I had 582 deaths on the counter when the credits rolled). I spent pretty much all of Sunday playing MTG Arena to hopefully get a Mythic ranking.

I spent most of my weekend learning the ropes of SMITE as I’ve missed playing League of Legends and wanted to see if there was an Xbox equivalent which I’ve been pleasantly surprised with. I like playing support roles so tried Aphrodite and Ra but have definitely grown to like Ra and his ability to snipe enemies over tower lines! I’ve also been playing and progressing more in 9th Dawn III, getting Mori’d in Dead by Daylight countless times and had a little bit of time teaching my classes on My Universe – School Teacher which is a relaxing change of scenery.

So this weekend was an important moment in my life. I got the news that my bid for my first ever house has been accepted! What a moment! I celebrated that moment by watching the League of Legends worlds Championship games between G2 Esports and Gen G gaming! What a thriller that one was! Later on, I took my time and played a bulk ton of The Survivalists, man, if that isn’t a blast!
Of course, you can’t only watch League of Legends. It also had to be played. I brought up my old love and played some perky Miss Fortune and destroyed some fools! Once she was removed from play, I played some more, Samira! Starting to really get great at her! With my loyal MikachUwU by my side, not a single laning phase was lost!
To finish my Sunday, I also watched 2 episodes of Game of Thrones, chocked by betrayal, I now go to bed!