Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition Review

Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition Review

Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition

Developer: Thinice Games
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
These last few months, Xbox players have received a good number of games published by Ratalaika Games and, once again, they bring us another decent title. Developed by Spanish indie studio Thinice Games, Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition is a puzzle platformer in which you control twin robots Watt and Volt, who have been marked for destruction and must prove they’re still functional and useful by completing a series of trials. You’ll need to run, jump and avoid hazards before one of your robots is destroyed or runs out of battery. So, hurry up and check our review for the game before their energy deplete.

 What do you do?

One of your twin robots will always start the level trapped, ready to be squeezed. Playing as the other one, you must find the button across the stage which will release your twin. You will do this as fast as you can to reach the exit of the stage. Just remember to be careful and pay special attention to your battery levels and try to share energy between your robots as needed while avoiding dangers.


What is Good?

  • Gameplay: The gameplay in Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition is pretty straightforward. Controlling one of your robots, you will run, jump, pull or push boxes to solve puzzles while in search for the button which will release your twin brother. Once he’s free, you can switch control between them and must take them both to the exit of the stage. But be aware: every action you do consumes your battery and if one of your robots runs out of battery, you must retry the stage. If one of them is getting out of energy, you can share energy between them by holding Y button.
  • Coop: You can switch control between your twin robots by pressing the X button, but If you have a friend to play along, things get better. You can play this game in co-op (local only, though) which is funnier (to have someone to play along with you in couch coop is always better, in case you didn’t know) and faster: two minds can find the exit and overcome the puzzles faster than only one. Just remember that the option to switch control between your robots will be disabled and that to share energy between them, both players must hold Y button.
  • Level design and difficult: The challenges presented in each stage increase at a good pace, and you never think they are unfair. The level design is clever and the exploration doesn’t become tiresome. Sometimes you’ll find yourself in bifurcation, but all you need to do is to send each robot for a direction, covering all possibilities while in search for the way out. Even the hazards aren’t unfair (actually, a little too forgiving, in my opinion): only a few of them will destroy your robot at first touch.
  • Good music: Your adventure will be accompanied by good quality songs, dictating the rhythm of your exploration.

Mixed Feelings

  • Visuals: Visuals in the game are very simple. The ambiance you are immersed in, the factory, has very few variations. You’ll see the same cogs and pipes almost all the time. The animation of your character is ok, except for one we’ll discuss later.

What is Bad?

  • Video/animations: The intro animation (the one which precedes your adventure) is of very low quality. It looks really dated and really strange to see so much difference in visuals for a game.
  • Death animations: Ok, not ‘death animations’ since they’re robots, but the animations when your robots are destroyed are very simple. In one of them, your robot is torn to pieces (which is cool) and in the other, he simply falls on the floor. Considering there are more than two ways for them to be destroyed, (between crushed, perforated and a few more), the repetition of the same animations every time one of your robots is wrecked falls short.

Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition [Score: 68/100]: With good music, simple visuals and challenging gameplay, Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition is a title that any player can enjoy and quickly feel attached to. The challenging but engaging gameplay will attract players who enjoy a good platform game and the addition of coop turn things even more interesting. Now run before your batteries run out of energy and give this title a try!

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