Tiles review

Tiles review


On first sight Tiles looks to be something really easy, design and gameplay wise. While that idea remains after playing the game it is still pretty new to have this kind of game on Xbox.  I’m really glad that developer Romans I XVI Gaming brought it for the console. While not all gamers are looking for this kind of experience on Xbox I do know that this is a welcome change in scenery for many. 


  • Gameplay is really simple, you start on a green tile and you have to remove all blue tiles before reaching the red tile.  More colors are introduced after a while making things more difficult. The logical solution is always met with some precise timing and careful planning on what path to take, after all blue tiles only last a few seconds when you touched them. It is that kind of experience that you love to play between other games or when you don’t have a lot of time to play something else more substantial.
  •  You have 90 levels, going from very easy to really challenging. The best part though is that you can create your own levels and share it with other Xbox and PC players. (Xbox Play Anywhere game) While the list of stupid created levels are high you have a few great designs that really test your Tiles ability. Using the level editor is really easy too and you have a few filters in place to find highly rated levels.
  • The local co-op is great and battling it out between your friend to reach the red tile first brings out some fun competition. Finding the balance between going fast or making sure you won’t die brings some hilarious moments.

Mixed Feelings

  • Not a big issue but it is a little odd that you don’t have any explanation about the tiles. So the first time is always a little awkward finding out what each tile will do. You have to figure it out yourself, you won’t break your head on it but a small tutorial would have been more than welcome.


  • Luckily you can turn it off at the settings, but the endless soundtrack loop becomes annoying pretty fast. A little bit more variation or more free to use tracks would have been more than welcome.

Tiles [Score: 6,5/10] It isn’t the typical game you would expect on the Xbox console but it is fun to play between other big console games. Creating your own levels and sharing it with the world is great and really gives the game lots of replay value. A surprisingly small but fun thing to play.  Oh, and be sure to play my created LifeisXbox level!