Tidbits | Last Days of Lazarus – OverShoot Battle Race – Like No Other: The Legend of the Twin Book

Tidbits | Last Days of Lazarus – OverShoot Battle Race – Like No Other: The Legend of the Twin Book

In Tidbits we cover games that are difficult to cover in our regular review template. In this Tidbits we review Last Days of Lazarus, OverShoot Battle Race and Like No Other: The Legend of the Twin Book

Last Days of Lazarus | 70% – Set in a post-soviet Eastern Europe, this game by Darkania Works and GrimTalin tells the story of Lazarus. After his mother dies, he travels back home to his sister Lyudmila. It quickly becomes clear that the border between reality and science fiction starts to fade when a series of unexplainable events take place. Last Days of Lazarus is a first-person adventure with a heavy focus on the story. I don’t want to post any spoilers about this story, as it’s the highlight of the game, but I can tell you that it’s quite elaborate. The game only lasts a couple of hours, and I felt like there was a lot of story put into those few hours. Maybe a little bit too much in such a short time, meaning that everything happened a bit too rushed. With themes such as the supernatural, politics, religion, love, and even more, there is a lot going on. Besides an elaborate story, we’re treated to some amazing graphics and a thrilling soundtrack. In the 8 chapters, prologue, and epilogue, there are also documents and collectibles to be found, in case you’re a completionist. With plenty of achievements (37 in total), it also serves achievement hunters quite well. All in all, Last Days of Lazarus is a complex, yet intriguing game that you’ll either love or hate.

Written by: Maui

Reviewed on: PC

OverShoot Battle Race | 60% – OverShoot Battle Race is a well-designed game with a nice art style inspired by old-fashioned isometric arcade racing games. The soundtrack of the menu is kind of sci-fi themed, which I could definitely appreciate. During the races, you’re treated to some sweet metal tunes. The appropriate racing tunes are also in place. However, there’s also some sort of announcer yelling all kinds of things that don’t make sense. Don’t tell me to try harder when I’m already in the number one spot with my opponents far behind me… The game is about racing on various planets (9) in the solar system. On each planet, you have a couple of races, adding up to a ton of races to ride throughout the gameplay. Of course, your goal is to earn that desired first place on every planet. There’s a small number of cars available but with a lot of customization options, allowing you to create the car of your dreams. There’s an easy learning curve with a basic tutorial that you can watch at any time. However, I feel like the tutorial was not complete. For example, a big part of OverShoot Battle Race is shooting your opponents, however, the tutorial does not tell you how to do this… A bit weird that the usage of weapons is not mentioned at all, but it is explained how to use a shield. Quite confusing. All in all a decent but incomplete game.

Written by: Michael

Reviewed on: PC

Like No Other: The Legend of the Twin Books | 70% – This is about as classic a point-and-click adventure as they come, with an adventurer looking for a legendary book and scavenging for clues on its whereabouts by clicking on every interactable item in sight. Like No Other has its great looks going for it, with nicely drawn environments and some neat visual effects and it will also entertain you with some puzzles that may take a while to figure out.

But fair warning: the game isn’t all that lengthy! I managed to beat it in a single sitting with only 40 minutes on the clock and the 2 playable chapters kind of felt like the first of many in a grander tale, so I was surprised when the credits rolled. I did play through it again to find the hidden caches (the developer Actoon Studios seems to like Hide & Seek games, with their former game Wind Peaks being a Where’s Waldo type of title) and for the alternative ending. Getting a 1000G should be possible in a single run though if you pay attention to your surroundings, so I count this among the sub 1hour completions.

Other than this it’s a fine adventure with some minor annoyances like spelling errors in the subtitles or the character not always going exactly where you want him to, but definitely worth checking out for fans of the genre. Still, you may want to wait for a small discount considering its very short runtime. Need a full playthrough to find all secrets? CHECK OUT MY GUIDE.

Written by: Robby

Reviewed on: Xbox Series X