The Gardens Between Review

The Gardens Between Review

The voxel agents, if you’d take a look at their track record, you’d notice some peculiar games. Yet they have one thing in common. Mobile. The voxel agents are known for some decent mobile games. And this is for what I could see, their first release that ISN’T a mobile game. So, this begs to wonder? Did they present themselves well towards their new audience, or should they stick to the mobile market? Find out in my review of what is, The Gardens Between. Enjoy!

What is Good?

  • Easy 1000G: (no score influence) If you are a gamescore collector, be sure to drop this one into your collection, as the 1000G is there for the taking! You’ll quickly unlock all of the achievements in this one!
  • Sound: Oh my god the sound… it is just sooo relaxing. At certain points I just stopped, and marvelled at my screen, thinking, wondering at what the story would bring. Drifting off with its cutesy music. Nothing pops or screams at you in the face. Its just there, in the background. Gently swaying you through the levels. Always present, yet never demanding your attention. I wonder if there’s a separate soundtrack?
  • Fluidity: Ofcourse with an AMAZING soundtrack, gameplay is very important as well. And yes, the game has this as well. It all just clicks. It’s just so intricately woven together, that I didn’t even notice that I was at the end of a level because it just felt so natural. Looking at the game from a graphical standpoint I got to say, they chose the right style to translate their game. It’s a beautiful experience through and through, that’s for sure!The levels are just mind-blowingly gorgeous to look at.
  • Story: Gardens Between doesn’t drop you off in a huge world with massive backstory and intricate designs. No. Instead, the story teleports you away from the treehouse where the game starts, and allows you to piece together what the story could be. The game itself consists of little worlds, each with its own intricate puzzles,which are in the form of memories. Each of these little memories fit together to form a part of a remembrance. I know this sounds a bit weird, but go with it. When you reach the end, you’ll know what it’s about and trust me, it’ll hit home for a lot of you out there.

Mixed Feelings

  • Length: Gardens between just left me craving for more memories to explore, and at the end, I was a tad bit sad that it was already over. If you are looking for a lengthy game, this might not really be your cup of tea, but then again, it doesn’t try to be a lengthy game, so I let this one just slip, because the rest of the game is just phenomenal.
  • Difficulty: Don’t get me wrong, the difficulty is just fine, they tease the brain. But for me it wasn’t really hard at all. If you are any decent at timing puzzles, you’ll have no problem playing through all of the memories. I don’t mind an easy puzzle now and again but c’mon, you can bump up that difficulty scale a little bit The Voxel Agents, no one will blame you!

What is Bad?

Nothing: Just that. Nothing bad at all here, move along readers. Move along.

The gardens between. [Score: 80/100]

Wow, like, really… wow. The Voxel Agents went in and delivered, what is in my opinion, one of the most endearing and heartwarming games of 2018. Though it’s not a lengthy game, it sure is more than enough to warrant a buy. I am surely looking forward to what the voxel agents will be delivering to us in the future as they just proved that they can not only deliver a game that is amazing, but also touching at the same time. As for the game itself? Kudos!