The Division: Survival add on review

Review: The Division: Survival add-on | Survival is the second add-on for The Division, giving players new ways to enjoy the impressive game. We didn’t review The Division on LifeisXbox but I recommend getting the game. We can provide you with this Survival add-on review though!

What’s new in this add-on? 

  • 24 players enter a PvE or PvP map, they will need to survive the harsh weather and enemies.
  • New weapons and gear
  • World Tier 5 bracket


  • Playing the survival mode is a constant risk and reward experience, making it the most challenging gameplay yet. You need to find cloths, food and medicine while surviving AI enemies and online players.  Searching for warmth is your priority, from inside locations or bonfires.  It takes a while before you get the hang of it, but in the end I really liked how this drastically changed the way people play The Division.
  • In Survival you lose all your progress, it’s basically a stand alone experience.  Each play through is different because you never know what gear you will find. It might be a little worrisome for loyal Division players that they can’t use their gear but personally I loved the fact that you always start fresh.
  • I’m not really the kind of player that enjoys permadeath modes but for some reason this Survival mode in The Division really made something loose in me. I just love the fact that you can constantly see how many other players are left, it gives some kind of motivation to continue.  The entire scavenging experience is so well balanced and the dangers are literally keeping you on the edge of your seat.
  • The Division still manages to amaze me with graphics. With Survival they have raised the bar yet again, the snow effects simply look unbelievable realistic and impressive.

Mixed Feelings!

  • Just like the first add-on Underground, Survival doesn’t add anything to the game’s story. I’m really hoping that Ubisoft tries to add some lore, background story or new world events for the third add-on.


  • You can play the Survival add-on in the PvP or PvE-mode, one thing that really annoyed me was the fact that people steal your gear or loot. It just doesn’t make sense that alone one person get’s something from a kill or lootbox while playing as a group. Oh by the way, please don’t start stealing stuff, you don’t like it so don’t do it to another online player. (In the PvE-mode)

Thanks Kotaku for providing the screenshots.