Tembo: The Baddass Elephant Review

Review: The Baddass Elephant

Score:  63/100

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Can’t say I remember  playing as an elephant, can you? It’s an immediate selling point for some players. What really stands out is the developer behind Tembo, the guys behind the pokémon games. Anyway, Tembo is a fun and hectic 2D side-scrolling army themed experience. I’m sure no elephants were harmed while making this videogame 😉 You can expect nice looking cartoony background scenes, some small frustration with difficulty spikes or controls and fun but repetitive action gameplay.


  • Destruction is fun to watch
  • Fun character and background story
  • Excellent cartoon graphics


  • Long load screen in the beginning
  • frustration builds up with some annoying enemy fights or platform jumps
  • Controls can be annoying

Buy this if you like: Fast gameplay, 2D platformers

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