I could easily fill this review  with SUPERHOT is super hot. Super. Hot.  The team behind this game came up with an easy idea and executed it brilliantly.  Read what’s good and bad about SUPERHOT in this review!


  • The minimalistic graphics look boring in screenshots but in motion it’s a clear and beautiful. You immediately see the danger so you can act within seconds.
  • Game concept – Time only moves when you move, it sounds weird but works surprisingly well. One of my favorite movies of all time comes to mind while playing SUPERHOT, The Matrix. Avoiding bullets, using weapons from enemies against them and aiming for that perfect headshot.
  • 26 story levels, challenge levels, speedruns and more. SUPERHOT is packed with addictive content.
  • I never watch replays from games but I never miss one from SUPERHOT, it’s crazy to see a 30 seconds replay from minutes of real time gameplay. And that super-hot, super-hot, super-hot soundtrack stays in your mind for eons.
  • Impressive story mode with some original ways of storytelling, making you question everything.


  • It has enough content but I wish the Story Mode was a little longer, it’s over before you know it.


Score: 90% |  “The most innovative shooter I’ve played in years.” Honestly? It’s something I agree with. It’s been a long time that I had so much fun with a shooter game.  It’s a must have for every serious gamer!