Staff picks | Best games from 2021 (#1)

Staff picks | Best games from 2021 (#1)

We begin this series of articles with our LifeisXbox gaming couple Michael and Maui. Funny that they don’t have one single game in common though. But that’s what gaming is all about, everyone has different favorites!


Forza Horizon 5
This is one of the best race games I have ever played. The game looks absolutely stunning and is designed perfectly. I had been looking forward to this game for a long time and it didn’t disappoint¬†at all
Football Manager 2022
It might not be the best game out there by a long shot, but I always enjoy playing this game. Since 2014 I have bought every edition and will do so for every title yet to come. The game offers a nice balance between football and managing and is just perfect for me.
Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl
When I was a little kid I got addicted to Pok√©mon and I’m still not over it. I remember playing the original Diamond and Pearl games with my brothers, and even though they aren’t playing the games anymore, I still love them.
New Pokémon Snap
I never had the opportunity to play the original Pok√©mon Snap so I got very excited when this game was released and even though it might focus on the younger generation I really enjoyed exploring this game and it didn’t disappoint.
RuneScape – Elder God WarsI really like playing RuneScape and was happy to see that this year a new adventure came with the Elder God Wars. It offers a new storyline, new bosses to defeat in the Elder God Wars Dungeon, and opens a portal for new storylines that have yet to be developed.


A small Belgian developer released one my favourite puzzle/exploration games ever. The graphics and sound are simply wonderful, and the gameplay is very exciting yet relaxing! 
A Juggler’s Tale¬†
Storytelling done in the best way! A Juggler’s Tales has it all: a great art style, a beautiful story, and super fun gameplay.¬†
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
The release on the Xbox Series X blew me away. So much to do in this game, without any pressure whatsoever! And man, the animals are so damn cute, I just can’t.¬†
Yes, a second Belgian game! I’ve always loved card and deck-building games, and seeing a Belgian developer release Roguebook makes my heart very happy. It’s such an engaging game!¬†
Cozy Grove 
I absolutely fell in love with this cozy adventure. It’s SO wholesome and has some Animal Crossing vibes, yet it’s different in so many ways. Definitely one of my favourite casual cozy games of all time! Got a change to review it on LifeisXbox on PC, and I ended up buying it on the Switch as well!¬†