Special Coverage | BRAZIL’S INDEPENDENT GAMES FESTIVAL 2021 – pt. 7

Special Coverage | BRAZIL’S INDEPENDENT GAMES FESTIVAL 2021 – pt. 7

Our BIG Festival 2021 coverage is not over yet! We’ve already known games running for Best Game, Best Art, Best Sound, Best Gameplay, and Best Narrative. Today we’re spicing things up, bringing not one but two categories in the same article.

And here they are!

Best Multiplayer


Embr, from the US studio Muse Games (@MuseGames)

In Embr, you are an Embr Responder: a mix of firefighter and rescue operator. But different from real life, here you will charge your clients for their rescue and, with the money, buy new tools and gadgets to help you in your missions. Gather three more friends and become the perfect Embr squad, always ready to break up doors, extinguish fires and save the day!

The game was released in May 2020 in Early Access on Steam, where you can purchase it.


Hypercharge: Unboxed, from the British studio Digital Cybercherries (@DCybercherries)

An interesting FPS/TPS where you and up to three friends join forces to protect the Hypercore against invading forces in your bedroom, kitchen, or garden. What? Do you think these are stranger places to protect? Well, that’s because you’re all toy soldiers like the good old GI Joes.

Released in Apr 2020, the game is available to PC (with a free demo available on Steam) and Switch. The game was also planned for PlayStation 4 and Xbox, but we haven’t heard about them until now.

These plastic warriors took the prize of Best Multiplayer Game of the Festival! Congrats to the Digital CyberCherries team!

Republic of Jungle

Republic of Jungle, from the American studio Gerdoo Games LLC (@GerdooGames)

Republic of Jungle is a party game for 5 to 10 players where a secret group of saboteurs tries to undermine President Puma’s work by leaking confidential information to the media. Here players are divided into two teams, the Loyalists and the Leakers. Loyalists need to help the President by recommending and voting for task forces loyal to the President. Leakers try to pose as Loyalists to earn trust and get into task forces to leak confidential information. Each team counts with roles that give them special abilities and strategies. There are also secret powers that can turn the tides at any moment.

The game is listed as ‘coming soon’ on Steam. So while we wait for it, why don’t you try its free demo?

Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor, from the Deutsch studio Hologryph / Eerie Guest Studios (@NeighborGamesHQ)

Secret Neighbor, the third installment from the Hello Neighbor Series, is a multiplayer horror game where a group of kids tries to rescue a friend trapped inside their Neighbor’s creepy basement. But there’s a catch: one of the kids is the Neighbor in disguise. Can you save your friend before the Neighbor defeats you all?

Released in October 2019, the game is now available for PC, mobile, PlayStation 4, and Xbox. The game is available on Xbox Game Pass.

Streets of Rogue

Streets of Rogue, from the American indie developer Matt Dabrowski (@madguy90)

The resistance needs your help to take out the corrupt mayor of the city, and it’s totally up to you how you’re going to do that. In its procedurally generated cities, you and up to three friends can be stealthy, hire goons to do the dirt work, hack your way up to the objective, or go with all guns blazing. Or whatever suits you in this mixture!

The game is available for Xbox, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC.

And these were the games that ran for Best Multiplayer in BIG Festival 2021.

Now, as promised, here is the second list of competitors of the day.

Best XR/VR

A Rogue Escape

A Rogue Escape, from the Italian developer Andre Int AKA Spare Parts Oasis (@andreintg)

We will start the list of candidates with the winner: A Rogue Escape was nominated Best XR/VR game of the festival. Congrats to the developer!

In this game, you are trapped for unknown (at least, to me) reasons and need to escape. To do so, you will steal a nauticrawl, a giant mech, and learn to control it in the process before it’s too late.

Scheduled to be released on June 10th, A Rogue Escape will be available on Steam and Oculus Quest.

Fire Escape: An Interactive Murder Mystery

Fire Escape: An Interactive Murder Mystery, from the US studio iNK Stories (@iNKStories)

The developers of 1979 Revolution presented their last VR experience during BIG Festival 2021. Released in Apr 202, Fire Escape is an interactive thriller where you will watch from a fire escape your neighbors who live in a close building and are all suspects of a crime. From your perspective, you can freely point your camera to their apartments, poking into their lives while making difficult choices to discover their hidden secrets and unwrap the mystery.

The game is available for Steam and Oculus. There’s no free demo available at the moment, unfortunately.


Gravitational, from the Brazilian studio Electric Monkeys (@monkeyselectric)

This VR physics-based puzzle game occurs in a utopic future where large corporations are in a race to develop the ‘gravitational travel & control’ system. You play as Sebastian, a wheelchair user scientist of Gravicorp, the company leading the development of such projects. After a collapse in the building he was working at, you will need to guide Sebastian using a pair of gravitational tools to reach the reactor of the building.

Although it didn’t win the category it was running for, Gravitational received the most important prize of the festival to me: it was nominated Best Game by Popular Vote! Kudos to the Electric Monkeys team for such a fantastic prize!

Gravitational will soon be available for Steam (where it has a free demo for you to try it), Viveport, and PlayStation VR.

Gravitational was also running for BIG Impact: Diversity.

Pixel Ripped 1995

Pixel Ripped 1995, from the Brazilian studio ARVORE Immersive Experiences (@arvoreimmersive)

Pixel Ripped series is back and will take you back in time to 1995, to a world where games have the power to break the fourth wall and jump to the real world, and players can do the opposite, jumping into the game world. Who of you never wanted to live inside of a game? Playing as David, a nine-year-old boy, you live (or relive) how playing games were back in the day when you needed to go to video stores to rent games.

Released in Apr 2020, the game is available for Steam, Oculus, Vive, and PlayStation VR.


Stargaze, from the Polish studio Played With Fire (@Played_WithFire)

Stargaze is a VR adventure game where you are an astronomer gazing through your telescope to distant stars. By changing the angle and zoom of its lenses, you will interact with planets, stars, asteroids, and other space elements to solve puzzles and complete a book with your discoveries.

Stargaze is available for Steam, Valve, and Oculus.

Phew! And that’s it for today, my friends.

We’ll be back soon with more games presented during BIG Festival 2021.

See you then!