Short review: Swordbreaker

Short review: Swordbreaker

We’ve all seen those ads where you’ve got to rescue the hero/damsel in distress. The clickbait options to either go for option A or option B. Either way, every option has an outcome. Some result in victory and others result in defeat. This is how I would categorize Swordbreaker The Game. In a game that starts you off as a questing adventurer, in search of your princess in distress. I kid you not… This game looks like a head-on car crash between Super Mario, Dungeons & Dragons, UFO, … where every victim came out and assembled into what is now called “Swordbreaker The Game”. Want to find out what this game is all about? Then read on in this short review of… Well, you know.

So, let me get straight to the point. Swordbreaker? Is mediocre at best.
There are so many things wrong with this one, that I don’t even know where to start!
So, even though this is a short review, I’m going to incorporate a few bulletpoints

  • Dialog: The intro throws you into a spoken dialog, with subtitles. Which is fine. The narrator does an amazing job into building up some sort of atmosphere, and frankly. He does a truly good job. Where my issue starts here? Is the fact that what is spoken, and what is written? Doesn’t match up! It’s as if he got an entirely different script… Or, he read through everything and auto corrected it himself to make more sensible sentences. But it doesn’t stop there. After your intro, you’ll get the true horrific tale. It’s easy to see that the game ‘s developer isn’t an English-speaking person. BUT. There are people out there that would gladly do a translation job for you. At this current moment though, what you’ll get to read in the English text, seems like it was run through google translate, and just, copy pasted into the final product.
  • Dialog pt2: Now, the game’s UI is all fine and dandy. Your options are easy to choose from (although it’s not clear which ones you are highlighting, you’ll have to fiddle around with your stick for that). My issue with this, is the fact that you don’t know that your text can be scrolled down. There is no up or down slider next to the text. It just, scrolls. I actually didn’t know my text scrolled until I accidentally bumped my right stick, and it went up… Up until that point, I went through the game just guessing what the options 1, 2 or 3 would do. Since they all have their own icon. I thought that 1 was for action, 2 was for a defence and 3 was a wait option. So, yeah…
  • Length: 5 minutes. I kid you not. On my very first run I chose every god damn right option that got me blasting through the game and right into the arms of my princess, and defeating the final boss… I mean… WHAT? Why is it that a game can be completed in 5 minutes! And no no, this isn’t free to play or anything. Sure, there are 300+ rooms for you to explore and all that… But come on! Be realistic here… If you manage to luck out and pick every right option from the get-go? You’ll just have beaten the entire thing… *facepalm*. No. I refuse to endorse games like this. So, no. This is not how we should be making games these days!
  • Graphics: Graphically, this game is fairly decent. Sure, they’re still images. But the amount of detail and love that went into creating these still images is just baffling. Not one, two or three. But over 300 of them! I mean… Kudos to the arts person!



Swordbreaker the game isn’t a game that I would recommend you into getting at full price. If you want a quick 1000G? Then, sure. Go ahead. But otherwise, wait for it to be on sale. Other than that? Nope. No thank you. The script is half-assed with translation, the UI could use better implementation. The only good thing that I can say about it? Is the fact that the art director did an amazing job! So, kudos to that guy!