Short review: Story of a Gladiator

Short review: Story of a Gladiator

This title might ring a bell since Raf reviewed this game earlier this month for Xbox. Now we’re also bringing you a second opinion on Story of a Gladiator because I got my hands on this game and it looked too cool not to try it out. This second opinion is based on the PC version, which was played using a keyboard and not a controller. Anyway, Story of a Gladiator is a beat ’em up game by Brain Seal Ltd. You’re a man in search of his destiny (but aren’t we all, after all).

I enjoyed the simplicity of this game. It’s not complicated and it doesn’t involve a lot of thinking. The visual aspect, as well as the sounds, were as they should be. I especially liked the role of the audience during the fights. If they liked what you were doing, they’d cheer and might even throw you some food or coins or even a rock to confuse your opponent. The battles themselves were fun and the levels got a little harder every time, making the game not too overwhelming. Outside the arena, there are shops to help you gain new attacks, gear and other useful things like praying to a God to help you win a fight. I strongly agree with Raf on the combat aspect; it’s nothing special. You just press the attack button until your finger starts hurting.



Story of a Gladiator is a simple yet fun and beautiful game. After seeing some videos and reading Raf’s review, I was very excited to test this game. In my opinion, it did not disappoint. My overall experience was very positive and besides the basic combat, I don’t really have negative comments on Story of a Gladiator. Since combat does, however, play a big role in beat ’em up games, I’m going to stick with a score of 75%.