Short Review: PBA Pro Bowling

Short Review: PBA Pro Bowling

It seems as if we are in a period of less common sports games. A few weeks back you may recall that I reviewed one that was called The Fisherman. Today I am here with a review for a bowling game! Called PBA Pro Bowling. A short back history for the bowling games out there. While not a genre that has seen many a game, they still had a small dot in history when the Wii came out. The Wii had everything that a bowling game actually needed! The nunchucks were perfect for throwing the ball. Something that controller sticks didn’t really do all too well. But that didn’t stop developers from trying. Nor did it stop FarSight Studios! Was it a strike? Or a gutterball! Let’s find out in this review of PBA Pro Bowling!

It is actually kind of hard to find a game that looks better in a picture than it does in-game. Mostly because pictures compromise quality. Here it does the opposite. In the pictures, I thought I’d experience a decently looking bowling experience. Unfortunately, it was NOT. In regards to the gameplay itself? Well, it was kind of boring as well. All that you do is line up the ball. and take the swing. That’s it. There’s nothing special that you do, you don’t see your guy throwing it or anything. Sure you’ve got a tiny bit of after spin that you can add to the throw. But that’s it. There are cosmetics for the lane and the ball itself that you can unlock along the way. You’ve got buyable skins as well in the store with in-game credits. But that’s about it. There are competitions for you to compete in but they’re as dry as licking drywall. It is constantly the same thing over and over and frankly, it’s just boring.



PBA Pro bowling is a far cry from the “most realistic bowling experience” that they’re calling it. There is nothing to pull you in, no real fun factor and visually kind of underwhelming. It could count as an okay game if you wanna throw a quick ball. But, is it worth playing for a long time? Not really no… FarSight Studios tried their best but in a genre that isn’t really popular? I only hope they learn from this experience and grow from it!