Short review: Jumanji The Video Game

Short review: Jumanji The Video Game

History learns us that movie tie-ins games regularly aren’t worth your time, you have a few exceptions but this Jumanji game sadly isn’t one of them. It is literally junk. This repetitive, quick-cash grab takes inspiration from the latest movies with Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, and the gorgeous Karen Gillian. That might be the only positive thing about this game, you can actually play as your favorite Jumanji character.

First of all, this is a multiplayer game and it lacks any story what so ever. Online and split-screen is the way to go or you can play the limited four levels alone with dumb AI partners. On each level you do the same exact thing, survive a maze with deadly hazards, fight a lot of dull enemies and collect relics. There isn’t any bigger picture here, it is one hell of a repetitive mess. Each playable character has a different ability and you unlock some customizable clothing and weapons… but honestly? Nobody will actually be motivated to unlock everything. It just isn’t alluring, the visuals date from Xbox 360, aiming is unresponsive and I really missed some kind of story. It is upsetting to see what they did with the Jumanji IP, and even more upsetting that they ask €40 for something like this.



Jumanji: The Video Game is not worth your time and money. A few Jumanji fans will buy this game for the love of the franchise and be utterly disappointed, as I was. It looks, sounds and plays totally outdated.