Short review: Foxyland 2

Short review: Foxyland 2

How you can do so many things fundamentally wrong with a platform sequel is the only question that is still on my mind after finishing Foxyland 2. I have a pretty strong opinion difference with our positive PC review (click here) but that’s the thing with reviews. Everyone experiences a game differently. I digress, to list a few wrong things: One, completely changing the concept. Two, have a total broken jump system and three no improvements compared to the first Foxyland.

I liked the first Foxyland and so did another one of our writers (review link) so I was pretty happy to start the sequel but was left with a sour taste. Let me start with the completely broken jump mechanic and how many frustrating cheap restarts it causes. When you land on a platform, with a few inches to spare your jump transform to a side hanging mechanic that lets you jump AWAY from the platform. Climbing on it isn’t an option, this might not sound like much of a problem but trust me, together with the unresponsive controls it is. Things really become a literal nightmare when ladders are introduced. The game can’t understand when you want to jump or climb, confusing the hell out of you why the fox doesn’t want to do anything. I don’t understand why Bug-Studio changed the three heart system from the first Foxyland, now getting one hit is an instant restart. Resulting in replaying specific parts over and over again, ultimately boring you out.



I think this is the first time that I have to give such a bad review for a game published by Ratalaika, I honestly have no clue why some things are the way they are in Foxyland 2, developer Bug-studio had something promising with the first Foxyland game.