Short review: Forza Street

Short review: Forza Street

I have to admit, Forza Street might not have been the best move from Turn 10 and Microsoft. Not because it is bad but the approach is so drastically different that it offends the Forza fans, Forza Horizon was perfect to broaden the community from hardcore to more casual gamers but Forza Street throws away a lot of the things that Forza stands for. But again, this isn’t a bad game it is just not what you expect from a Forza-experience. That’s why you read a lot of negative comments on the internet from players who aren’t familiar with the Forza Street mechanics. Developer Electric Square boldly went with easy approachable gameplay mechanics that literally everyone can play and enjoy.

For starters, you don’t have to steer your cars. This design choice isn’t what I would have done personally, as the Forza community is spoiled with the excellent driving physics from Forza Motorsport and Horizon. So this will likely make you wonder how you play Street? It all comes down to timing, starting at the right time and holding or letting go off the accelerator in corners. It isn’t rocket science but it keeps you engaged. You also have a boost option, that slowly fills depending on how good you do in the corners. Despite the fact that I understand that this might be disappointing for some hardcore or race enthusiasts it is actually really fun to play in short bursts. It looks absolutely fantastic too, car models are spot on and gorgeously detailed. The very short tracks (20 seconds gameplay) are beautiful too with some impressive lighting and the cinematic camera angles bring everything in view like a movie. If I saw someone playing Forza Street on a train I would ask what game it was! Sound is also a lot better than you would expect from a free-to-play mobile game, there is even a pretty interesting story connecting everything together.

There is a lot going on too when you start Forza Street, daily rewards and challenges, weekly spotlight events, rival events with a leaderboard and what I really loved, even the drivatars are in it! Events are split into four classes, Super – Street – Sports and Muscle, all of them have a big selection of fully licensed cars. As I am writing this I have a neat unlocked selection of Ford, Dodge, Pontiac, Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW and Nissan cars, with lots more to unlock. It truly is a virtual car collecting game that can be compared with collecting Pokémon, I am sure that this is a feature that car lovers will adore!



Forza Street is a fun free-to-play mobile game but I wouldn’t have called it a Forza, I totally get that adding that name to it lured a lot of players that wouldn’t have otherwise played it. But frankly, there is a lot of undeserved negative talk surrounding the game that it honestly doesn’t deserve. This is a fun game, with nice visuals and sound but Microsoft should have just kept the original Miami Street name.