Short Review: Explosive Jake

Short Review: Explosive Jake

Developed by the solo developer PigeonDev (the same developer responsible for Awesome Pea , game reviewed by my good mate Alexis back in 2019) and published by Sometimes You, in Explosive Jake you play as Jake, a tiny skeleton with a dire need to blow things up with his bombs and, with these explosions, find his way out of a dungeon!

At first sight, you may think Explosive Jake is just another Bomberman-like game and well… you aren’t all that wrong in that assumption. In this simple arcade game, you will guide our little friend through 40 levels full of boxes ready to be detonated. Avoid traps and enemies until you find the door and key that will allow you to blast your way to the next level!

Inside those boxes, you will also find some powerups like extra bombs, health, speed and explosion-reach upgrades. You lose the upgrades at the end of the level or if you die in the process, but the extra-bombs will be with you until the end of your adventure.

With very (very, very) simple visuals that remind games from the 8bit era, and a cute soundtrack, it would be an enjoyable experience if not by the unresponsive control: Placing bombs on the floor by pressing the A button, its only mechanic, simply didn’t work at most of the times I wanted to place a bomb while running. So try to remember it and stop running before placing a bomb to get your enemies out off guard.

Score: 55%
I had so much trouble with its core – and only – mechanic that what would be a relaxing game became somehow frustrating and annoying. Nevertheless, still a good call if you are a fan o Bomberman-like games or want a boost in your gamerscore.