Short Review: Dustoff Z

Short Review: Dustoff Z

Control a helicopter and let your soldiers shoot enemies from above. It plays as fun as it sounds! I will be the first to admit that a game set in a zombie apocalypse world is far from a fresh idea but Dustoff Z uses the setting very well. A gruesome yet colorful experience, perfect for a few short evenings. Back in 2017 Invictus released Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 for Xbox One and as you can read in Rafael’s review it wasn’t a bad game. I personally didn’t play that one but going from images I notice a big improvement. The helicopter looks much more realistic and gone is the Minecraft-like background. Visually Dustoff Z is much tighter and finished with more care.

Controlling your helo is very easy, you hardly have to worry about keeping the thing in the air. You move left or right, and press up or down to avoid obstacles. This isn’t like Apache where your helicopter explodes against the ground every five minutes because you want to dodge a low flying swarm of birds. The challenge comes from keeping an eye on your fuel, health and the bullets from your soldiers. When fuel is empty you’ll soon have an unpleasant date with the floor and swarms of zombies. Keeping pace is important, killing enough zombies along the way so you can built up your resources. You will be defending convoys, have to collect survivors and fight of huge zombie bosses, it remains interesting but a few more complex situations would have been welcome.

Most fun comes from building your team, choosing wisely who sits in your heli will make your missions much easier. Soldiers have snipers, machine guns, flame throwers or RPG’s, improving unlocked soldiers is key for surviving. To be honest, the game is never really difficult. On the contrary, you can easily complete everything at your leisure fairly quickly. Dustoff Z has a lot of content but it’s too much of the same. While playing you will have to collect enough information too to unlock the final stage. You will get this required info from killing enough types of zombies, it can be really annoying as the game doesn’t tell you where to find missing enemy information. So prepare to replay the thirty different levels, luckily you have different difficulty-modes.