Short review: Crysis Remastered

Short review: Crysis Remastered

Can it run Crysis? Who doesn’t know this saying, right? Can Xbox One X run Crysis: Remastered? Yes, it can but not without artificial intelligence issues. This franchise always had a big place in my heart as I love the gameplay freedom, the mix between being a Predator from the movie or Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo. I have the unpopular opinion that I preferred Crysis 3 over the other two, but despite a few shortcomings I had a lot of fun with this remaster from the 2007 Crysis. The line ‘cloak engaged’ never gets old.

Finding creative solutions. That’s what Crysis is all about! With your power suit you can be the ultimate killing machine but one mistake in your tactics and you are more fragile than a newborn turtle. Going more stealthy than Solid Snake or choose to go for fast-paced shooting and explosions while throwing enemies 50 meters far. Going for the silent and slow approach is the best solution in many cases but the frustrating dumb and unlogical artificial intelligence ruins your gaming fun. There is nothing more annoying crawling silently 200 meters away from the enemy and they still mange to know where you are… but oh boy does the visual fidelity make up for that. Crysis is thirteen years old but it looks absolutely stunning. It even has freaking ray tracing on Xbox One X! Yes, you know.. that next-gen feature that everyone is hyping for Xbox Series X!

What I truly love is the narrative and guided open-world approach, beautiful expansive sections screams so many gameplay possibilities. Sniping from a hill, choking everyone, driving over enemies, throwing chickens to enemies, the list of stuff you can do is so large that even after playing Crysis again multiple times you will always find a new tactic angle. That’s what I love from games, giving a sandbox with many solutions.