REVIEW | Trepang2

REVIEW | Trepang2

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Trepang2 | 88%
Team 17

Trepang2 is a shooter that has taken nice things from Crysis but especially F.E.A.R. These F.E.A.R. games have a special place in my gaming heart so my surprise and especially enthusiasm was huge.

We are taking a time jump to the Xbox 360, so to speak, in terms of gameplay then. Visually, Trepang2 is definitely of our time, it even looks better than most recent games. Narrow corridors and semi large halls full of very clever enemies. The AI ladies and gentlemen, is AWESOME. Your enemies try to flank you and work together, flush you out with grenades and stay behind cover themselves. To defeat these soldiers or monsters you have a powerful gameplay tool. Namely slow motion! Yes, that same slow motion from Max Payne and… F.E.A.R.

Actually surprising that not more current shooters use slow motion, it’s still a cool effect to see. The feel of weapons is exceptionally good and the combination of the clever enemies and overall design makes Trepang2 without a doubt a LifeisXbox recommended game.

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