Review: The Last Campfire

Review: The Last Campfire

Ever wanted to play a wholesome game about life‘s journey? Ever wanted to play a game that embodied cuteness and the moral of what happens when you die? Then the last campfire may be your thing if you’re into puzzle games. The last Campfire puts you in the shoes of a lost ember, in a world that is the place of passage. Though not everything is as it seems in this place, since as of late? Souls are not continuing on their voyage anymore, rather they become stuck spirits and freeze in time. What could have happened? In this otherwise peaceful place? Let’s find out, and endeavor into this peaceful and calm game that’s called “The Last Campfire”

What we liked!

  • Soothing voice: My god. I don’t know who this voice actor is. But she made my spine tingle. Those of you who know what ASMR is? Put your volume up high, because this girl has the voice of an angel! She does an amazing job of narrating what otherwise is an unspoken game. The dialogue that you receive, is actually written. The only voice you’ll ever hear? Is her. And let me tell you, she does an amazing job of bringing life into this ambient world! So, voice actress? Kudos!
  • Cute. As. Heck. Characters!: Everything that you’ll see in this game, from a design point? Is made to make you go “aww”. Even that ungodly looking Pig king (Yup…). You’d just love to hug that loveable tummy and go jiggly with it!
    The campfire wardens, the birds, the animals,… All of them have that vibe over them that, even though you’ll want to hate some of them (and trust me, you will), you’ll be like… But, wait. Let me give you another chance! Design-wise, this game scores bigly!
  • Ambient world: Sweet Jesus, they did an amazing job into creating this world as one of the most gorgeous ones I have found myself playing in, in a while! The colors are vibrant, yet not over the top. The mood and atmosphere just heighten the pleasure of what you’re looking at, and really? Nothing really is out of place, ever.
    Just a straight-A kind of design in my books, and that’s sometimes hard to do!
  • Sound design: Is off the charts. While not the most overly “over the top” games, when it comes down to the wide range of sounds that a game can have? Every tiny detail that IS in the game? Is just… Wow. A pleasure to listen to, and frankly? I’d listen to the soft tunes of this game to sing me to sleep. This design team has some major talent, that‘s for sure!

Somewhere between

  • Puzzles: In my opinion, puzzle games were blatant and way too obvious. Though, as you all know, I love puzzle games and I put them to higher standards. Though there was one that bamboozled me… That was SO obvious, that I couldn’t see the solution, until the very next day *slaps myself in the face*.
    They could’ve made them a little bit harder, but hey, that’s me. For your average puzzle gamer? This will be the correct kind of difficulty! And hey, if you’ve got kids? Put them at it in this game! This is the perfect kind of starter!
  • Obvious “baddy” made it obvious: Amongst your journey, you’ll encounter … Well, not gonna spoil the game. But. IT’S OBVIOUS! And I’m ON TO YOU! *points at it*
  • Length: Don’t expect the most lengthy of games in this one though. The game completes in a few hours, depending on how hard you speed through it. Just, take your time. Enjoy. It’s a pleasure to walk through! I’m not even going to put this up as a what I disliked. Because, no.

What we disliked

  • Nothing: This game is a work of art, and I look forward seeing more!