Review | Super Magbot

Review | Super Magbot

LifeisXbox’s Super Magbot review | A platformer without the option to perform jumping? Well, yes, that is exactly what Super Magbot is. This precise 2D platformer with a twist was developed by Astral Pixel and published by Team17. In Super Magbot, you’ll be using blue and red magnetic forces in order to navigate around the level. It sure sounds easy, but this definitely took some getting used to. Still, Super Magbot tries to introduce a unique way to enjoy platforming, but are they succeeding in doing so? Find out in our Super Magbot review!

We played Super Magbot for 5 hours on Nintendo Switch. This game is also available on Steam.

What we liked!

  • Platforming done differently | Most of us have played countless platformers, so one with a twist was really refreshing. In Super Magbot there is no jumping at all, there is only red and blue powers that’ll help you beat a level. The powers remind me of Jedi swords somehow, even though they were not intended for battle at all, so that’s just my weird mind, I guess. Anyway, the two polarities are everything since you’ll be using these to pull yourself towards (red or blue colored) platforms and across pits, as well as boosting yourself through the air. It’s important to note here that you’ll be moving yourself around as well as your magnetic beams so you gotta keep your head in the game! Super Magbot offers a ton of levels and even some boss fights (prepare yourself, these are insanely hard and nerve-racking).
  • Additional challenges | Levels in Super Magbot are quite short, but they feel like they last an eternity sometimes. The basic gameplay is hard enough as it is, but the developers added some extra challenges just for the hell of it! No, but honestly, the new additions kept the levels from getting repetitive and always kept you on your toes. You’ll gather star fragments that unlock additional challenges, there’s ice to make moving more difficult, platforms that change color, and so on. If you want to give yourself some extra challenge, you can also try and beat your best time.
  • Graphics | The pixelated art style is on the simple side but it’s quite fitting for the game. I feel like the gameplay itself is challenging enough so the graphics are just easy on the eyes and they’re not grabbing too much unneeded attention. Vibrant colors were used and you’ll come across various scenarios along the way, keeping things from getting tiresome. I also like the choice of using red and blue beams because you cannot say they’re indistinguishable as it’s always quite clear what platform is red or blue. The few cutscenes are also well designed and enjoyable to look at.
  • Soundtrack | From the moment the story is being introduced, you’ll notice an upbeat, old-school kind of tune. And I absolutely adored it! It’s super basic and feels like an ordinary platformer kind of sound, but I think that is exactly what Super Magbot needs. Sound effects were also implemented but I’d also call them basic and sufficient. It’s clear that the main focus was the demanding gameplay, and that’s fine!

Somewhere between

  • Story | The system of Magnetia is in great peril as a giant evil asteroid called Magsteroid tears through the galaxy. To save the galaxy, the inhabitants of Magtek decide to send a magnetic hero whose job is to collect all the planet fragments in order to alter the course of the Magsteroid. Some games shine in story, some in gameplay. Super Magbot is one of the latter. While the gameplay is immensely fun and original, the story lacks in almost every department. There is a story, so that’s great, but I feel like less energy was put into the story and all the focus remained on the gameplay. I really don’t mind though, if I’m being honest. It’s the gameplay that makes Super Magbot a great game, and the story is just a little extra that you’ll soon forget about when you’re swinging around with your laser arms.
  • Difficulty | Super Magbot is NOT an easy game, let that be clear. Since this is a platformer with a twist, the gameplay mechanics take some getting used to and a real tutorial is not available, even though some help is offered. Don’t expect to beat even the first few levels in one try, because it just won’t happen. There is an option to add checkpoints, as well as some other helpful tools to help you get through levels. Still, if you don’t have patience, this won’t be the game for you, I can tell you that much. I ended up playing a couple of levels every day because I did get frustrated that I couldn’t beat a level. However, the game is not to blame, it was entirely the concept of it being something different and me not having the patience to try again and again. This is why I decided to put the difficulty in the middle part because you will most likely either love or hate this game.

What we disliked

  • Nothing | You can go ahead and read the conclusion because there is nothing here 🙂

How long to beat the story | 10 hours
How long to get 100% achievements | No achievements on Switch
Similar with | Platformers like Super Meat Boy, but with a twist!



Super Magbot is a super fun. It offers some unique gameplay, cute graphics, and an exciting soundtrack. However, I cannot stress this enough: it’s super challenging, and if you don’t have a lot of patience, this is not the game for you. If you do like a (big ass) challenge: go for it! is the largest Belgian Xbox centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this review with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium. Feel free to use quotes for PR purposes.