REVIEW | Ship Graveyard Simulator

REVIEW | Ship Graveyard Simulator

Ship Graveyard Simulator review | We’ve got a whole slew of simulator games as of late. The biggest one being Power Wash Simulator. Which I thoroughly enjoyed, to be honest. Of course, we’ve also gotten pretty bad ones. Like Mars Rover Simulator. Where you go around washing or fixing banged-up Mars Rovers. So I was kind of in the middle when I got the chance to lay my hand upon Ship Graveyard Simulator, brought to us by Incubator Games. In this rendition of Simulator games, you are tasked with taking and breaking apart decommissioned ships, building up your workshops, hiring crew and doing custom jobs for the denizens of the town that you’re in. That’s it. That’s the whole schtick of the game. Want to know how I experienced this one? Then… yeah, let’s delve right into our review of… Ship Graveyard Simulator!

DeveloperIncubator Games
PublisherIncubator Games

ℹ️ Reviewed on Xbox Series X | Review code provided by PR/publisher, this review is the personal opinion of the writer. Got unanswered questions about this game? Get in touch on Twitter!

What we Liked!

  • Ship Variety| The more you play and stack up some cash, the more ships that you’ll unlock to demolish. These ships are bigger, and get you more bang for your buck. But also have a higher rent that you have to pay. So it actually becomes more of a thinking game the farther along you get down the rabbit hole. And honestly, I kind of liked that. That feeling of, how will I spend my money wisely? Will I first invest in getting better upgrades for my workshops? Or, will I go all in and just demolish bigger ships for the loot? Ship Graveyard Simulator really offers you an open choice on how you play it, and I can only say… Good on you lads!

Mixed Feelings

  • Inventory | What does a resource management game need more than anything else? A wide and easy-to-use inventory system. What doesn’t Ship Graveyard Simulator have? A wide and easy-to-use inventory system. Don’t get me wrong. Resources won’t be an issue in this one. Properly stocking them and getting around the shop and other inventory-related parts will be the thing that’ll get you the most. When you’re working on a ship, you’ll quickly notice that you’ll be running out of free slots in your duffle bag. Sure, you got your car (that I highly recommend bringing with you every single run) but … even that trunk will be running out of stocking space very soon. And this will happen everywhere. Got an extra building all built up? Great! Dump off some unwanted materials there. But oops, those slots quickly run out as well. Yes, you can sell raw materials as well. But that’s not what will be bringing in the big bucks. You need to refine your materials into new and better ones. Uh oh, you don’t have any free spots to put those new materials in. Oh well, you’ll just sell them off then. Wait, what’s that? There’s a new job that requires the materials you just sold? Oh oooh, need to buy them back… Which you can’t! So you’ll have to order a new boat again and do the entire thing all over… Aaagh! Get a better inventory system! For the love of god!
  • Jobs | Apart from running a salvage operation, you’ll also be working for contractors that need certain parts. As I mentioned in the previous point, more often than not they’ll require you to get specific parts. Problem is, after the first few jobs, they’ll instantly go from tier 1 materials to tier 2 or 3 (advanced materials) and while your base most likely isn’t upgraded just yet for producing those. So you’ll quickly find yourself in a straight-out grind game instead of a relaxing sesh of just … doing whatever you want! I quickly just let those just pass by and turned the game into a relaxing game where I just cut up ships, sell the parts and repeat. Instead of really working on jobs that the people of the village wanted me to do. They’re also not really that useful. You’ll just get a small increase in prices for the materials instead of just selling them anyway.

What we Disliked

  • Finicky | Mining (or in this case bashing, cutting, and blasting) for your resources is a huge heck of a nuisance. At times if you’re making a weld that isn’t big enough, a piece of a beam for instance will drop, but you’d still need to cut the rest of the beam to get it to fully disappear. And this is where my gripes are mostly located in. The game is just annoyingly and rage-inducingly finicky. Like, no joke. You’ll end up looking at the screen and wiggling your character around HOPING that the part you need to weld again lights up for you to make it selectable to be worked on. On-time I just gave up on the boat and just sent it off and ordered a new one because it just wouldn’t let me get to the part I needed!

How long to beat the story | There is no story.
How long to achieve 1000G | 20+ hours
You’ll love this game if you like these | Nothing.


Ship graveyard Simulator is by all accounts not a bad game, it just suffers from being in a niche category and thus didn’t receive the love and care that other games tend to get when they’re more popular genres… With some common glitches and bugs here and there as a result of this.

Gameplay 🎮

Honestly? What I actually got the most out of Ship Graveyard Simulator was that relaxing feeling of just doing whatever the hell I want and how I wanted it. There is something therapeutic in just cutting up stuff, making everything clean, and just… Repeating that. It’s the same as in Power Wash Simulator. Is there much story? No. Is it exciting? No. But does it bring you peace of mind after cleaning up all that gunk? Heck yes. Or tending those sand garden thingies. It’s the deep sensation of doing nothing but creating order in the chaos that actually does it for me. And this game brings it, albeit in a not-so-worthwhile package. But that relaxed feeling at the end of a gaming sesh? That surprised me. And I would honestly recommend people try it out, it doesn’t have to be this game. But just anything in general that offers an experience like this one.

Visuals 🖼️

The visuals aren’t anything to shake a fist at. It does the job, but that’s all that could be said. There aren’t many flashy bits and bobs. It’s rudimentary to the core, and then some. You’ll encounter blurry and washed-out textures, overlayed and stretched-out details and just your generic-looking NPCs. No high-fidelity stuff or anything like it. Just… Graphics.

Sound 🎧

The same goes for the audio in this one. It’s a basic free-to-use soundscape. With your generic sounds, they are more than likely out of an audio library than anything else. It does the job, but that’s about it. Yay?

Story đź“–

There is no story in this game. It’s just you, your workmates and the ships.

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