Review: Sheepo

Well, it turns out luck is by my side. After my first touch with a metroidvania, and being pleasantly surprised by it, I get a second one right away! This time I got blessed with the ability to play Sheepo which is made by Kyle Thompson. And I must say, I freaking loved it. Maybe partial because the game is seemingly made for speedrunners, which activates some inner drive for me. But why? Let’s find out.

What we liked!

  • Gameplay flow: Right from the start, this game just goes and goes. There isn’t a moment where you are doing little to nothing. Each level just flows into the next one. Partially because there aren’t that many β€œlevels”. The game is one big map, like most metroidvania games, and you move around in it. The big turning point for this game is that you spend very little time in each section, and just go.
  • Movement: In the game, you get multiple tools to succeed. One is the obvious jump and double jump, but luckily it doesn’t end here. A new mechanic, morphing, allows you to take over objects once collected. For example: as soon as you collect the bird egg, you can hop into every bird for a short amount of time to manoeuvre around. And if that isn’t enough, you can also jump into little shooting orbs, cube’s, move around with fountains, wall jump,… just an overall blast!
  • Music: Not too much to say here besides the fact that Sheepo comes with the right tunes at the right times. Which helps with the game flow and overall feeling.
  • Boss fights: Oh boy! Did I enjoy the bosses in this game! From giant mama ducks to angry worms destroying the ground. Your job is to survive. Either by juking them out, or by climbing away. Each boss has a unique mechanic, which makes it different and exciting every time!
  • Assistant: At the start of the game, you are greeted with an assistant, which is just a really funky sounding robot-ish being. It doesn’t talk, only in balloons, but damn did it make me smile every time. It’s something you got to experience for yourself.
  • Currency: During the game, you get to collect feathers, which, down the line, allow you to purchase upgrades, for example max health increases. A nice touch imo, which gives you the incentive to try to make those hard climbs/reach those impossible places, to collect the feathers.
  • Hidden secrets and objectives: In the game, you have multiple ways to move around. Some places have secret rooms or secret objectives. One spoiler objective for example would be a monster, with a sign: Do not feed the monster. The logical idea of course: FEED THE MONSTER. If you then climb up and collect some exploding thrash to feed to the monster, you are awarded a bonus feather.

Somewhere between

  • Truth to be told, I just can not complain about the game. That’s it. Had a blast of a time playing it.

What we disliked

  • Truth to be told, I just can not complain about the game. That’s it. Had a blast of a time playing it.