REVIEW | Rugby 22

REVIEW | Rugby 22

LifeisXbox’s Rugby 22 review | Ah it’s that time of the year again where another sports game comes to life. This time it’s Rugby 22 by EKO software. It’s the third rugby game that they released with a 2-year interval between them, which they hopefully have used for the good since Rugby 20 received a lot of mixed reviews. If we look at the licensed teams that are in Rugby 22 it seems like we’re set up for a strange game since Rugby is a typical English game and English teams are already missing. But let’s not judge a book by its cover, give it a chance and dive straight into this title.

Most Memorable Moment

My most memorable moment while playing Rugby 22 must have been when I played some games with Maui to try out the multiplayer features that are offered. She had no idea what she was doing, and the same did go for me at that time. Okay, I know a little bit about Rugby but we were both like what the f is happening. And she got more frustrated by the second until she gave up and just quit.

ℹ️ Reviewed on Xbox Series X | Review code provided by PR/publisher, this review is the personal opinion from the writer.

What we Liked!

  • Game modes | Rugby 22 has a couple of game modes with a high potential that I found very fun to play. Yes, they may be basic for sports games but I enjoyed playing them and basically, everyone knows what modes to expect when buying a sports game, I suppose. You have your quick match where you can play against the AI or co-op against friends, and you can play online against a random opponent or a player that you invited. Then you have the option to go into Training. Here you can learn all the things that come in handy while playing Rugby 22. These are all very basic so let’s move on to the more interesting game modes! In Career you will manage a self-created team. You will have to take it to the top in the French or Irish league. You also need to manage your finances and implement training sessions to improve your squad and staff. In League you compete in a series of matches to see who comes out on top after all the matches have been played.
  • My collection | Another feature that Rugby 22 offers that I enjoyed is the fact that you can gather packs to unlock players and teams which you can then use in your game. It feels a bit like FUT from the FIFA franchise but they give it a twist to use it in every game mode. The currency that you need to unlock new packs is earned through completing matches in any mode which makes it even more enjoyable. Since it’s so easy to earn this currency, you’re pretty driven to unlock more packs.

Mixed Feelings

  • Licensed teams | The game offers licensed teams but some of the big ones are missing like the national team of England, various other English teams, South Africa, and more. I know it can be hard to get licenses for games but, in my opinion, when you make a game then try to get as much as possible. Especially in this case for England and stuff since these countries are big on rugby. And if you are still unable to get them, make some fantasy players to at least compensate it a bit, but unfortunately, that’s not the case in Rugby 22.
  • Sound | There are a few reasons why the sound gave me mixed feelings. First of all, the menu track is constantly the same. There is no variation and I got tired of it after hearing it on loop for 3 minutes. Secondly, the in-game commentary. I know in sports games this is always the same but most of the time there is at least a little bit of variation but here they kept it to a bare minimum. I felt like after a short ten minutes I had heard every comment they could make in the game so this felt repetitive really fast. And third is something I liked thus why I put it in mixed feelings. It’s the sound that the public makes. They are there to cheer you on, as they should, and it’s something I quite enjoyed.

What we Disliked

  • Graphics | Graphically, the game sucks. It’s 2022 and you should expect some nice graphics but when playing Rugby 22 it’s like they are not even trying. It feels like I got slammed 15 years back in time and even then it was not optimal. Some of the players look ridiculous and they even blur into each other sometimes. It’s a rugby game so it should be about taking your opponent down, not running through them. Also, the menu looks very outdated, as if it’s designed by a kid. I’m sorry but I have nothing slightly positive to say about the graphics. It was a problem in the previous editions and it feels like it only has gotten worse.
  • Gameplay | The game feels weird to play. When you press the button to pass the ball, it takes a long time until it’s actually passed and sometimes it’s not even in the correct direction. As I previously mentioned, the players even blend and at some points you can walk straight through your direct opponent. Yes, I enjoy playing rugby games and like the sport even though I’m pretty new to it. Also, I realize it’s difficult to make a game that fits every aspect of the game perfectly, but I’m afraid Rugby 22 is just insufficient in too many ways.

How long to beat the story | There is no story.
How long to achieve 1000G | 25+ hours, depending on your skills.


Rugby 22 is the third rugby game that is developed by EKO Software so you expect them to know what they are doing by now. However, I didn’t enjoy this title as much as I thought I would. The graphics and the sound are a bit of a letdown and the gameplay is even worse. So I wouldn’t recommend spending your money on this title. Maybe try out a different sports game.

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