Review: Röki

Review: Röki

Do you like Scandinavian folklore and point-and-click adventure games? Then you might want to go on an adventure with Tove in Polygon Treehouse’s new game Röki. In this game, you go on a journey to save the family of Tove, a young girl who has to explore and solve all kind of mysteries in a world full of mythical creatures, monsters, and other aspects that fit right in with the Scandinavian folklore that Polygon Treehouse wants us to explore and experience.

What we liked!

  • Graphics: Röki has a special and simple look yet it’s totally different from anything you’ve ever seen. The style that Polygon Treehouse used to create the look of this game fits right in with that mythical Scandinavian folklore. In my opinion, you have to get used to it a bit when you are playing the game at first but once you are past the beginning, you will appreciate the style even more. The game is very detailed in its own special way while also keeping everything really simple so you can easily see what is where.
  • Highlight key: Röki is a typical point-and-click adventure game. Sometimes these types of games are fun at first but get really frustrating after a while since there are either way too many hints and help buttons or there is just no help at all and you just get stuck and quit playing. In Röki, things are a bit different. When you need to do something you can use the highlight key. Once you press it, it will light up all the interactable objects that there are so you have a little pointer where you need to search. Well, it shows you the location you need to search, not exactly tell what you need to click. It’s like a help button with a kind of guide without spoiling the fun of trying to figure things out. Nice addition devs!
  • Story: I already mentioned it a little, but in Röki you are playing as Tove who has to go on an adventure to save her family. During her journey, she encounters all kinds of mythical creatures and monsters from Scandinavian folklore. Of course, I’m not going to say anything about what you experience in the story since the game is really good and I most definitely don’t want to spoil the fun, but if you love a nice story with mythical beings, this game is a game for you.
  • Voice/sound: we already established that the graphics are perfect, and the story is lovely. But there is one more aspect that really ties it all together; the sound/voice-effects. First of all, the background music really fits in with the theme. It isn’t big and heavy but more subtle and mythical. Second, there are the sound effects like footsteps through the snow or when you are shoveling away some snow, it all has its unique sound, making this a fantastic addition. And if all that isn’t enough, we got the voice-effects. Now, the game isn’t fully voice-acted but sometimes, when you are in a conversation or something, the characters will say each other’s name and mumble something more. It’s really tying everything together.

Somewhere between

  • Easy: There are a lot of puzzles and mysteries that you need to solve. Some of them might feel a bit childish or really, really easy since it’s really obvious what you need to do and there isn’t really a challenge. However, the game isn’t supposed to be particularly hard or difficult. And I recommend playing this one because of the (art)style and story. This is why my feelings are mixed. They could make the game a bit more difficult, but then you risk losing the flow of the story.

What we disliked

  • Nothing: During the game, I personally didn’t encounter anything I didn’t like. So I’m going to leave this category blank!