Review: Police Chase

Review: Police Chase

Police Chase is a terrible game. I could end the review right here and stop wasting any more time on this. The hopefully few people that bought this game have been posting some massively disappointing reviews on the Xbox Store and I totally understand why. I can’t imagine how you feel when you play this and realize you wasted €30 on it. With users comments as “absolutely trash” – “poor quality” – “this is theft” or “waste of money” I really hope that the publisher Toplitz Productions and developer Caipirinha Games improve quality control for their next Xbox game, because Police Chase is one of the worst games that I played on my Xbox One.

What we liked!

  • Nothing. Feel free to scroll directly to what we disliked. I can’t imagine that anyone can find something positive about Police Chase. I’m pretty sure that even the developers know that they released a turd. (I apologize if I hurt anyone’s feelings with this, I understand the hard work and time developers invest in making a game but as a trusted review source we have to be brutally honest.)

Somewhere between

  • Nothing. Yeah, this game is that bad that we don’t have any what we liked and somewhere between parts…

What we disliked

  • Music, sound and voice acting: Your ears are greeted with some totally out of placed heavy electro music on the menu screen, at this time I still had faith in Police Chase. More good games have some weirdly picked music, but when the voice actors kicked in I immediately knew that we were going to have an issue. I think they randomly picked out someone on the street and asked if they wanted to voice a game character. Emotionless and not to mention terrible and boring dialogue. I know that not everyone can be like The Outer Worlds but having conversations about how pretty the receptionist is and how he would like to “get to know her” is so not done in this present age. Game sound is not much better either, cars and environment sound flat and dull and again, just like the music totally out of place.
  • I am playing on my Xbox One X right, not the original Xbox? Horrible and outdated visuals even if I was playing on my original Xbox. Heavy pop up, low detailed textures and nothing that visually stands out. Cars literally float on the road, they don’t have any drivers (besides your own car), and the world is completely empty and lifeless.
  • Performance: This is actually worse as Police Chase is a visual mess but the frame rate is atrocious. You would think that with the simple graphics the game would at least play smooth. I guess that was too much to ask for. NPC (non-playable-cars) pop up of nowhere and turning slows down the game quite a lot, making it an unpleasant experience.
  • Simply boring: Let’s be clear here, what do gamers expect with a game that is named Police CHASE? Let’s type that again shall we, Police C H A S E. Did you notice the chase? Well, you don’t get to freaking chase anything. All the missions are plain boring tasks that police officers don’t even do in real life. Drive to point A with your big police “van”, by the way why are DETECTIVES driving a van and not a patrol car? And go back to point B. This pattern is what you do for 15 ridiculously short missions. Sure, you have a free-roam world with many side quest but I have no idea why you would like to do that, it just doesn’t play fun.
  • Bugs, bugs and bugs: Game sound that completely disappears, when restarting a mission the HUD marking vanishes, getting stuck in the game world, even the main menu that stops working. Police Chase is one hell of a buggy mess, I don’t get how this passed the Quality Assurance process.



This is by far one of the worst games I ever played on any system in my 20 year long gaming career, I just don’t get how you can release a game in this state. Every single thing is just bad about it, I understand that this is a low-budget game but that doesn’t make up for how bad this experience is. Police Chase should be kept at a high safety prison, where it is impossible to find so customers can’t be disappointed. And trust me, everyone who buys this will be utterly disappointed.