REVIEW | Peppa Pig: World Adventures

REVIEW | Peppa Pig: World Adventures

LifeIsXbox’s Peppa Pig: World Adventures review | Since I’m over 35 years old at the time of writing, I figured I’m probably not the target audience for this game. So I called in a team of experts (= my kids) and asked them their opinions about Peppa Pig’s latest point & pig adventure instead. My son Lio (4yo) and daughter Fé (7yo) will be sharing their firsthand experiences with the game in this family review.

Both my kids are already familiar with the Outright Games titles, they even get excited as soon as they see the logo pop-up, with their ball pit animation that shows their focus on kid-friendly games and IPs.

When they played My Friend Peppa Pig, almost 2 years ago, they still needed guidance, but my daughter was perfectly capable of beating the entire game by herself this time (as soon as she wrestled the controller back out of Lio’s hands, who would just jump in muddy puddles all day…)

DeveloperPetoons Studio
PublisherOutright Games

ℹ️ Reviewed on Xbox Series X | Review code provided by Outright Games this review is the personal opinion of the writer. Got unanswered questions about this game? Get in touch on Twitter!

What we Liked!

  • It looks just like the show | If you watch the video above or look at some screenshots, you’ll notice that the game is almost a 1:1 representation of the TV show. At least to me, what do you think, kids?
    Lio: It looks just like the show, I love it.
    Fé: Lio is the one always watching Peppa Pig, I don’t watch the cartoon anymore. But yes, it looks very much alike.
  • Create your own character | At the start of the game you can create your own family, The kids loved it.
    Lio: I wanted a Daddy Kangaroo, and a Mommy Mouse!
    Fé: and we picked a bunny for ourselves to play as.
    Lio: and a little brother bunny, like you and me, Fé!
    (Whenever you see a “!”, assume they’re shouting. Because they did. A LOT!)
  • Dutch localization | I remember having to set my Xbox to Dutch just to get the Dutch dubbed voice acting with the previous game, but now it’s a readily accessible setting (which allowed me to record videos in English and the kids to play on their own savefile in Dutch)
    Lio: They sound just like the piggies on TV!
    Fé: They do. And I heard you play in English, but I don’t like how the English voices sound.
    And there are subtitles for each language too! Fe’s only 7, but she loves watching English TV shows with the subs on.
    Fé: “That is right!” (I didn’t translate this one, she said it in English herself)
  • Point & Pig | The controls are really easy to grasp, even for the youngest players. You just walk left of right and wait for the giant A button prompt to show up, showing you that you can interact with the nearby object or person. It’s like a point & click adventure game for kids and they need no assistance playing.
    Lio: That’s not true, there was a drumming game too and it allowed to press all the buttons!
    Fé: and it sounded awful when you played, Lio!
  • Chapter-based structure | The previous Peppa Pig game required you to navigate left and right from screen to screen and remember where everything was. My kids were quite a bit younger then, but they’d get lost all the time. Now they knew they just had to go to the left, to the harbour, and pick a new destination. Much easier for them to see where they’ve already been and what needs to happen next.
    Lio: Yes, and daddy was happy when we got him “achie-vu-mends
    Fé: Achievements, Lio. And yeah, daddy always wants to earn one per day, it’s the reason we couldn’t play the entire game in one go… *sigh*
    OK. You got me. I maybe have used Peppa Pig: World Adventures as an easy Daily Achievements for the MS rewards.

Mixed Feelings

  • The Queen | As you can see in the video above, there is a chapter where Peppa and her family visit London, and they get a private tour by her Majesty the Queen. Sadly, she passed away during the making of the game, but they left it in and make the right decision to mention this both at the end of the chapter, as well as during the credits of the game.
    Lio: I don’t understand, I don’t recognize her.
    Fé: It’s not the queen of Belgium, silly, it’s the queen of England. She seems nice though, does she really drive a bus, dad?
    I’m not even sure if she’s ever had to drive anywhere herself, Fé. But she certainly never had to jump across an open bridge, if that’s reassuring to you. (It happens in the game. Yes, really.)
  • Length | You can easily beat the game in under 2 hours if you know where to go. But kids will explore more or get stuck or even revisit chapters without really getting annoyed. For me, it would be too short for the asking price, but the kids have a great time with it, and it’s not like they’d play a 10-hour game even if I asked them too.
    Lio: I thought it was long enough. We played it 6 times and it was over.
    Fé: If I didn’t tell us where to go, you’d still be stuck jumping in puddles at the beginning or playing dress-up.
    Lio: *laughs* Haha, but it’s funny!
  • Replayability | Once you’ve beaten the game, there isn’t really much to do. There are no real mini-games.
    Lio: It’s fun. I could play it again and again.
    Fé: Yes, and you watch the TV episode over and over again too, while I’m trying to do homework!
    Me: and this is why it’s important to ask the kids. We notice the short length of the game, but the kids don’t mind repetition as much. Especially the young ones as that is how they learn. If you use the typical “how much does it cost versus how long will I play”, My Friend Peppa Pig doesn’t seem like a good deal. But the kids have a different perspective.

What we Disliked

  • Sound mixing | There are a few moments where the person talking gets overshadowed by the music. They sound like they’re talking to you from a distance even though you’re standing right next to them. It’s not something we can remedy ourselves with the settings, so probably just a small bug in the sound programming.
    Lio: Yeah, I sometimes couldn’t hear their voices.
    Fé: That’s because you keep yelling over them, silly!
  • Button prompts | Sometimes the game will ask you to keep the A button pressed. But if you do that right away, after being asked, it will instead skip the cutscene. That’s right: holding down the A button is also the “skip cutscene” shortcut. and both the kids were confused each time it happened.
    Lio: I didn’t like it, Peppa’s dad stopped talking and I didn’t know what to do.
    Fé: It’s because you held the button pressed too soon, let me try it.
    (the exact same thing happened when Fé did it)
    Me: You need to be patient and wait until the cutscene is over.
    Fé: That’s dumb!
  • Lack of interaction | There are several moments in the game that could have been an interactive minigame, like catching carrots with a net: instead of the expected “move left or right and catch them as they fall” you instead just have to press the A button once, near the carrots. There could have been more “game” to it.
    Lio: I don’t mind.
    Fé: I wish it was a 2 player mini-game, so I could catch more carrots than Lio.
    Lio: Oh, that would be fun!
    Similarly, when you’re in Paris and have to draw something, it’s just another button press for a pre-set picture to get filled in. would have been nice if that just offered the kids a blank canvas to colour in.

How long to beat the story | 1-2 hours (for adults that know what they are doing)
How long to achieve 1000G | 2-3 hours (achievements are hard to miss)
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Peppa Pig: World Adventures is the perfect introduction to videogames for kids. It’s a point & pig adventure with simple controls and instructions, set in a world they already love. It stays true to the source material and feels like actual playable episodes. The kids love it.

Gameplay 🎮

The gameplay is simple and aimed at younger kids, simply walk left or right and press the A button when the giant prompt appears. It’s so easy even a toddler could do it, quite literally.

Visuals 🖼️

Peppa Pig: World Adventures looks just like the TV show and could easily be mistaken for it by kids. It’s 100% true to form.

Sound 🎧

The voice-acting is great and the localisation is handled well, it’s just a shame that the audio-mixing goofs up sometimes and makes the voices inaudible.

Story 📖

Peppa makes a new friend and takes a private cruise ship around the world. (and it all seems to happen within a single day). Suspend your disbelief and just go with the flow, your kids aren’t exactly looking for M. Night Shyamalan level plot-twists.

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