Review | Off and On again

Review | Off and On again

LifeisXbox’s Off and On again review | Hello IT? Have you tried turning it off and on again? Your pc is working again? Excellent! Okay bye bye then. … If that line crossed your mind when reading the title of the game? Then you’re not alone. When I first read it, I thought it was a mistake. But much to my enjoyment, it wasn’t! So let me introduce you to this little banger that goes by the name Off and On again. Created by Ginger Biscuit Games. You play as an unsung hero inside of an operating system that is going through a reboot phase. During your adventure, you’ll be tasked with ending ongoing operations and go up against a rogue application. Will you, “legs” (this is the name that gets donned upon our unsung hero) be able to overcome this A.I., allowing us to reboot the computer? Or, will you fail, resulting in the message “you still have this application running, are you sure you want to restart?” -ugh-. So warm up your processor, because we are going to delve into this quick review of… Off and On again!

This is a short review, our usual the good, mixed and the bad was difficult because of the nature of this game. We played Off and On again for 1,5 hours on Xbox Series X

Off and On again is a fairly simple game that gets intentionally hard before you even realize it! You play as “Legs”. Your hero character that can … Run and Jump… Yes, I know. AMAZING! There is no actual fighting involved in this one. So, if that was what you were hoping to find in here? Then I’m sorry. But you’ll be quite disappointed then! You’re playing a reboot sequence, not an FPS. During your adventure, you’ll have to overcome some tasking jump puzzles. Puzzles that almost caused me to hulk smash my controller across the room. But, dear and darling angel that I am, I didn’t.
The problem with these jump puzzles is that the jumps need to be PIXEL perfect! And unfortunately, this is where OAOA (the shortening for Off and On again) lost me. The controls aren’t really super responsive, intentionally lengthening some puzzle rooms due to its horrible response times. At moments I was tapping my jump button like a spazzing idiot, and still, it wouldn’t register. And you could say “it’s the controller”. But I tested with multiple controllers, all had this issue. Visually, it actually looks very decent! The FPS never drops below a playable level, and the 8bit particle details are surprisingly refreshing.
For those achievement hunters out there? You know who you are! You’ll be happy to hear that the 1000G is something that’s easy to come by. Though you’ll have to grind a few. Like jump 2000 times, or die 500 times.
But, by far? The most enjoyable part of OAOA is the soundtrack. The sound developer truly did his or her job with a passion, and I can only commend them for it! While each level has a looping track, and for those who know me by now? You’ll know that I dread the lackluster attempt to fill a level with music that is un-inspirational. But holy fudge nuggets! OAOA‘s sound designer knows what’s BUMPIN’! The tracks are energetic, get your adrenaline pumping, and just don’t stop until you drop.


Off and On again is to a certain extent an amazing game. But it doesn’t really capture me as much as it annoyed me at the same time. While it looks and sounds amazing, the core element that drives a platform game lacks that finishing touch that would’ve placed the game higher on the scoreboard. Also, game length is nothing to sneeze at either. With a completion time of 1h30, I wouldn’t really call this one lengthy. If I want to 100% this, I actually have to do a second playthrough, which I am not willing to do. is the largest Belgian Xbox-centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this review with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium. Feel free to use quotes for PR purposes.