REVIEW | Nacon MG-X Pro

REVIEW | Nacon MG-X Pro

LifeisXbox’s Nacon MG-X Pro review | Xbox has become more than only console and PC gaming. With Microsoft’s effort with Xbox Cloud Gaming gamers can literally play everywhere they want. You only need a good enough connection! I myself still prefer console gaming but found myself in situations where Cloud Gaming was the only option. And for that NACON released something perfect. The MG-X Pro controller is a terrific solution to safely secure your smartphone and have a comfortable way of controlling the hundreds of games available on Cloud gaming.

Android or iOS (starting December) the NACON MG-X Pro is available for everyone, just be sure to buy the right version!

Two things I immediately noticed, one of them being how lightweight the controller is. To the point, I was scared to break it by being too sturdy with my hands. I have been using the controller for a few months now and it still works perfectly so the MG-X Pro is a perfect example that something lightweight can be durable too. My second first impression was how nice-looking the controller was while it was on my table. MG-X Pro’s matt black color really stands out and at first, it seems to look like a controller with the superhero stretch powers from Reed Richards. (Fantastic Four)

Let’s get ready to rumble! Or not…

Small bummer that there is no rumble, something that seemingly all manufacturers of Android and iOS controllers agreed upon. As none of them have it. For me, it takes some stuff away from the gaming experience but I guess I should be happy with the benefits. No rumble is less weight and the MG-X Pro really stands out with this, you have to consider your smartphone’s weight too but having such a lightweight option means better comfortable play with longer sessions. Using the controller is very user-friendly, your first step is inserting your phone into the NACON MG-X Pro. This step is easily done by pulling the sides from left to right and placing the phone in the middle. I have one of the largest Android phones available and it fits perfectly, you don’t have to worry if you have a tiny phone as the middle plate that springs back into place has a tight grip. That rubber middle plate prevents unwanted scratches on the back of your phone. I think you can dance the macarena with it, the phone stays safely in the grip of the controller.

Design issue with phone or headset wire.

There’s one thing I dislike about this controller and that’s not being able to charge my phone while using it. Or using a wired headset, I’m not sure why you would still use a wired headset nowadays but I’m sure a few of you are in that situation. Using Xbox Cloud Gaming is the greatest enemy of your phone’s battery life, so on occasion, I had to stop playing as my phone was out of juice, or is that just me who plays for too many hours? To be clear, you can play and charge the MG-X Pro but not the phone itself. The battery from the controller lasts around 20 hours and the charging slot is placed below so playing while wired for charging reasons works like a charm. If you are like me and forget to charge the controller you simply have to wait 15 minutes for a few hours of play if you dislike playing while being wired. I’m not sure it actually has a quick-charge option but in my opinion, 15 minutes for a few hours is great.

Only Bluetooth compatible

Important to mention is that the NACON MG-X Pro only works with Bluetooth, there is no way to connect it to a USB. In theory, Bluetooth is less stable than a USB-C connection. I didn’t experience lag with buttons and I never had a disconnection between my phone and the controller. so don’t let that worry you. The pairing went super smooth too. Simply press the BT button on the underside of the device and your phone will pick it up. so keep in mind that you will need a Bluetooth audio headset or device or use the phone’s sound (which will drain the battery even quicker).

This is really ergonomic

Your eyes will tell you that the controller will be uncomfortable but that’s not the case. Lots of design choices have been made to make the controller really comfortable and easy to use. I’m repeating myself but the first step was making it really light, the other steps include good quality material and know-how about making controllers. Clickable buttons and good textures on the analog sticks make the MG-X Pro a perfect solution to play Xbox Cloud. I never had pain in my wrists or fingers, even after 5+ hours of playing sessions. Yeah… Vampire Survivors is hard to stop playing. And even while being connected to Bluetooth the latency was barely noticeable!


Xbox Cloud Gaming is becoming a legit way to play Game Pass games. More and more gamers are discovering a new way to play Xbox games. Microsoft is investing a lot of resources into making it accessible for everyone and in Belgium, cloud Gaming works pretty damn excellent! That’s why the NACON MG-X Pro is a perfect solution for making things a bit easier. Have it with you outside or on the train and you will always have a comfortable way of playing your games!