Review | Nacon MG-X controller

Review | Nacon MG-X controller

LifeisXbox’s Nacon MG-X controller review | Xbox Cloud Gaming is a major focus from Microsoft and with Xbox Game Pass it has never been easier (and cheaper) to play lots of games on your smartphone. With the Nacon MG-X controller you can increase the comfort of playing games on your Android phone, it kinda transforms your device into a handheld console.

Be aware that you need to be on Wi-Fi or service connection for playing on Microsoft’s Cloud Gaming! It may look like a PSP or Nintendo Switch but this is entirely something else!

Sliding mechanic

I’ve seen some weird solutions for controller cellphones but MG-X’s way of plugging in your Android device works great. You slide open the controller and your smartphone sits in the middle of it. The strong grip keeps it perfectly in place. I literally danced the Macarena with it and it didn’t drop! (Sorry, no videos available for free….) Worst case scenario is that your phone doesn’t fit you’ll still be able to use the controller and place your phone somewhere on a table as it works with a Bluetooth connection. Be sure to check the dimensions first though, as this isn’t an ideal situation. Bit annoying is removing your device as the unfolding part shoots back at lightning speed and the sharp edges can potentially hurt your fingers.

Inspired by the official Xbox controller…

… but not the same quality. My main issue with every single part of the controller was the stiffness. Buttons and triggers require a very tiny bit of force to press and this becomes tiring for the hands. The MG-X has some nice grips on the back for increased comfort, a lifesaver. There’s no excuse for it but the d-pad is terrible and completely lacks accurate inputs. I prefer to play with it when it comes to 2D platformers but you couldn’t rely on it. Luckily it has another lifesaver! Excellent Nacon personalised sticks felt easy and comfortable to use, they remind me a little of the shortest sticks option from the Xbox Elite 2 controller.


I loved that the controller has its own battery, around 20 hours of play with one charge. You can charge while playing too but there is one small ‘design flaw’ that many other similar controllers have. You can’t charge your phone while playing as the controller blocks the charge entrance. Bummer! As Xbox Cloud Gaming, Bluetooth and screen usage sucks your phone battery harder than a black hole in space. But as I previously mentioned you can continue to play with your phone removed, so that’s definitely an inconvenient solution.

A beauty!

When I unpacked the MG-X I was immediately impressed by the design and small visual touches. For example the Nacon logo on the right stick. You’ll use this thing on the road so you don’t want to end up with an ugly thing. The grips and Nacon logo in the middle and the round edges give it a smooth overall look. Button placement and the official use of the Xbox logo and XYBA colors is nicely done too. So yeah, well done Nacon!