REVIEW | Mr. Prepper

REVIEW | Mr. Prepper

LifeisXbox’s Mr. Prepper Review | Have you ever seen an ad for a game that was clearly trying to make it look good, but wasn’t that good of an ad? That’s exactly the kind of game Mr. Prepper reminded me of when I started playing it. You live in a dystopia where among other ridiculous requirements, there’s even one for how many plates you must have in your house, getting out of there is not going to be easy. Mr. Prepper is developed by Rejected Games and published by Ultimate Games.

Most Memorable Moment

Honestly? I’d say that the most memorable thing that happened to me while playing Mr. Prepper was the ending not being when I thought it was. Either I didn’t pay enough attention to what I was building at the time or it wasn’t revealed to me, but I honestly hoped it to have ended at that point because playing it felt like a burden not long after that. Another noteworthy thing that happened would be a bug that made me go partially into the floor, which did make me laugh a little.

ℹ️ Reviewed on Xbox One | Review code provided by PR/publisher. This review is the personal opinion of the writer.

What we Liked!

  • As Varied As Possible | Mr. Prepper has a lot of things for you to do, there’s base building; farming, with seeds that can only be planted on one of three specific things: soil patches, planters, and a greenhouse, plants grow faster with more light and can wither if not watered; scavenging for resources, mining, fighting enemies, driving, buying/selling various items and completing quests to progress through the story.

Mixed Feelings

  • Uninspired Soundtrack | While Mr. Prepper’s soundtrack is not horrible, it definitely could’ve been better, I guess since the game itself is a mix of a bunch of things, getting the soundtrack right wasn’t an easy task. It doesn’t fit the game incredibly well, but it’s also not entirely out of place, it’s difficult to explain what exactly the soundtrack is, but “uninspired” seems like the best way to describe it.
  • Messy Looks | Well, I did say that Mr. Prepper is a mixture of a bunch of things, and unfortunately, its graphics are no exception. While they don’t look straight up bad, they don’t always seem to be a part of the same game, having places and enemies on these places sometimes feel disconnected from the city’s and its inhabitants. I think that it would’ve been better for the developers to have picked a different art style.

What we Disliked

  • Problematic From The Beginning | There were quite a few issues with Mr. Prepper. You can even get stuck in the tutorial, if you choose to cover the bunker’s entrance with a carpet while you’re inside it to avoid the government, you can’t get out of the bunker, it doesn’t let you remove the carpet nor move with it there. Sometimes a command given to your character doesn’t work, he walks to where you ordered him to do something, but doesn’t do it, making you do the command again. My character was partially inside the ground at one point, coming out of it after I made him walk again. These are just the technical problems I personally had while playing Mr. Prepper, I do believe there are more that I haven’t experienced.
  • Badly Ported | Unfortunately, this isn’t a great port. You can tell it was originally developed to be played on a PC by being forced to hold the A button, instead of just clicking it, to place an object on the ground/wall, simulating holding the M1 button to drag an item for example. Also, you don’t directly control Mr. Prepper since there’s a “mouse” button on-screen to interact with the scenery and move. It isn’t the worst port I’ve seen, but it doesn’t feel nor look as natural as The Sims 4’s port.

How long to beat the story | Around 17 Hours
How long to achieve 1000G | Around 28 Hours


Mr. Prepper is a bit of a mess, mixing a bunch of different mechanics up to form an unpolished and somewhat mediocre experience. It’s not horrible, but I cannot recommend it unless you’re a fan of the individual things present in this mix and it’s in a good sale.

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