Review: Let’s Sing Queen

A karaoke game is fun when everyone feels comfortable singing the songs. With Let’s Sing Queen this can go both ways, everyone knows Bohemian Rhapsody or We Are the Champions but not all the other songs are familiar for everyone, except for real Mercurians. So this one might be a little harder to recommend as a party game compared to Let’s Sing 2020 or 2021, nevertheless Freddie Mercury’s ability to go from low notes to incredibly long high notes is really fun to sing. Difficult, but fun! So, are you ready, hey, are you ready for this? Are you hangin` on the edge of your seat to read this review?

In a nutshell, you pick one of the thirty songs available, and when it starts playing you will see the (dated) song clip with the lyrics. The game will evaluate how good you can follow the crazy notes from Freddie Mercury, you can do this with your smartphone by downloading the free Let’s Sing app or use the USB microphone that you can purchase with Let’s Sing Queen physically. One thing you’ll notice as a non-Queen fan is how artistically great the video-clips and lyrics are, I knew a few of the songs but I am really impressed by the overall work from Queen. It is a shame that the game fails to provide more information about this band, as they have quite the history. Not much is done to reward the players, you have a progression system that unlocks avatars but this would have been a golden opportunity to give some background videos or interviews to learn more about Queen in general. Perhaps I am thinking a little too much about this as this game is meant for one thing, giving gamers an option to have fun singing with friends in real life or online. And it absolutely gives them that.