REVIEW | Let’s Sing 2023

REVIEW | Let’s Sing 2023

LifeisXbox’s Let’s Sing 2023 review | Let’s Sing needs no introduction, the game speaks for itself: it’s a karaoke title that will help you sing along to your favourite songs and will score your results along the way. The game currently has a yearly release with new songs included unique to every edition and it comes out on pretty much all platforms.

It’s the perfect party game if you don’t mind your friends or family hearing your singing voice and can even be enjoyed by the youngest because they don’t need to master the use of a controller for once. The stand-alone release comes with 30 songs included, but you can purchase DLC packs to grow your track list.

Song List of Let’s Sing 2023:

Ed SheeranBad Habits
Billie EilishHappier Than Ever
Avril LavigneComplicated
Riton x Nightcrawlers ft. Mufasa & HypemanFriday
ShouseLove Tonight
Ben E. KingStand By Me
Rita OraYour Song
Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray CyrusOld Town Road
David Guetta ft Justin Bieber2U
Jason DeruloAcapulco
Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
The Kid LAROIWithout You
Tate McRaeyou broke me first
QueenI Want to Break Free
Charlie PuthHow long
Eiffel 65Blue (Da Ba Dee)
Gotye ft. KimbraSomebody That I Used To Know
P!nkGet The Party Started
Powfu ft. BeabadoobeeDeath Bed (Coffee For Your Head)
O-ZoneDragostea Din Tei
Carl DouglasKung Fu Fighting
Meduza ft. GoodboysPiece Of Your Heart
Coldplay X BTSMy Universe
Ofenbach ft. LagiqueWasted Love
ATB x Topic x A7SYour Love (9 PM)
EncantoWe Don’t Talk About Bruno
Lady Gaga & Bradley CooperShallow
Clean Bandit ft. Demi LovatoSolo
KungsNever Going Home

Got those vocal chords warmed up? Let’s Sing!

Most Memorable Moment

My own voice was suffering after the first night of singing, but luckily, my daughter had a friend come over for a sleepover the next day and they had a blast singing to songs they never heard before. It was a treat seeing them have so much fun with the game.

ℹ️ Reviewed on Nintendo Switch | Review copy provided by PLAION, this review is the personal opinion of the writer.

What we Liked!

  • Great selection of songs in the 2023 edition | The biggest draw to this year’s version is the wonderful roster of songs to pick from, while not large in number, the quality is better than ever with Blue from Eiffel 65, We Don’t Talk About Bruno from Encanto (a favourite here) and songs like Death Bed (Coffee For Your Head) even giving me some baritone options.
  • Forgiving even for people who don’t have the best voice | Let’s Sing games don’t score you for how well you sing, it’s more about being able to keep a tone and matching the on-screen instructions. My daughter, who didn’t know English was able to get a decent score just by humming along.
  • Original Music videos in the background | While singing along, the music video plays in the background, and this brings back nostalgic feelings of when we all used to watch MTV as kids.

Mixed Feelings

  • More of the same | Let’s Sing 2023 doesn’t do anything to innovate the formula and won’t offer anything new outside of the selection of songs included with the game. Players new to the game are better off buying a discounted or second-hand version of an older edition and paying for the extra DLC instead.
  • Using your phone mic | Our version came bundled with a USB microphone and that offers a lot of advantages: Better voice recognition, your voice gets transferred to the game and blasts out of the speakers (though some may consider that a downside) and no connection issues. The alternative is using your smartphone and downloading the Let’s Sing Mic app. It’s a very small download size and requires you to be connected to the same wifi as the console + you’ll need to enter a code to confirm. On paper, up to 8 player can join through this method, but at that point you better sit far enough apart or your phone microphone will pick up the other voices. Not really a complaint about the game itself, more about the hardware restrictions this type of genre brings with it.

What we Disliked

  • Amount of Songs | The yearly release and focus on selling add-on packs means that the main game doesn’t come with a lot of games (30 to be precise) and you’ll soon tire of singing the same songs over and over again.
  • Getting new songs can be messy | My version of the game came with a code that would give me access to additional songs, but it never seemed to work. Then, when I tried to play certain modes, it would tell me to download the “free bundle from the store” but it just brought me to a list of $4.99 expansions or the bundle that has all paid DLC, no free “international songs” pack as advertised in the game’s pop-ups.

How long to beat the story | – doesn’t apply
How long to achieve 1000G | ~8 hours estimate


Let’s Sing 2023 stays true to its well-known formula, but has one of the best playlists we’ve seen so far. Though that is very much up to personal preference, this wannabe singer had more fun this year than with the previous edition!

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