Review: Landflix Odyssey

Review: Landflix Odyssey

Fantastico Studio has another fantastic game for you. And this time, the Italian studio that already presented us with the amazing Black Paradox brings a comical pixelated adventure! In Landflix Odyssey, our hero Larry will explore the world of his favorite TV shows while searching for the batteries that will take him back home.

In a more than blatant mockery with series from services like Netflix and HBO, you will venture through 5 different shows, relieving some of their iconic moments. All of this while burping enemies out of your way. Take the remote controller, pick up some popcorn, and prepare to binge-watch – or play – all these shows in this great adventure!

Does this level select screen remind you of any streaming service out there?

What we liked!

  • Your favorite show: In this adventure, Larry will explore five different worlds, each one representing a popular show that you will quickly recognize: Peculiar Stuff (Stranger Things), Elder Thrones (Game of Thrones), Blind Evil (Daredevil), Going Mad (Breaking Bad), and The Standing Zombie (The Walking Dead). As you can see, the joking starts right on the title of each episode. In each world, Larry will interact with one of the protagonists of each show: Dusty will guide you through Hawkins’ copy in Peculiar Stuff; King John will accompany you through the freezing plains of Elder Thrones; Blind Evil will conduct you (no pun intended) through the rooftops of Heaven’s Kitchen in Blind Evil; In Going Mad, you will need to save Ice & Berg from the Narcos (intended pun?); and Mad Rick will drive you through the dying lands of The Standing Zombie. All your favorite shows in one place!
  • Gameplay: At its core, Landflix Odyssey is a side-scrolling platformer where you can jump and shoot your enemies while collecting coins. Nothing new here. But besides jumping and burping (his regular abilities – if we can call it abilities), in each world, Larry will have access to a different skill or tool to deal with enemies and to advance in the show. In Peculiar Stuff, he will have access to a device that can teleport him for a parallel dimension and back and forth. In Elder Thrones, he will get access to a sword to slice and dice zombies. In Blind Evil, Larry will gain access to a cane that he can use to swing between roofs. In Going Mad, he will use a particular sort of candy called Blue Sky to give him superhuman speed and reflexes (or maybe just make him high). Finally, in The Standing Zombie, Larry will have a crossbow to deal with zombies and enemies alike.
  • Visuals: The games developed by Fantastico Studio exudes talent in pixel art. Take Black Paradox [], a game we reviewed back in 2019, for instance. And with Landflix Odyssey, it’s no different. Your enemies, the scenario, our hero… everything in this game shows an outstanding level of detail, something that shines in a pixelated game. Kudos, guys, you once again impressed me!
  • Sound: This retro aspect of the game is also present in the audio department, with lovely midi melodies that add to each world’s atmosphere. Oh, and simple but enjoyable sound effects too.
Hey Dusty, where’s 12 and the other kids?

Somewhere between

  • Something is missing: Even though there’s an enjoyable variation between worlds and levels, in its core Landflix Odyssey still misses something to make it stand out in an already overpopulated genre of games. The TV show references, the humor, our charismatic hero… they are all great candidates. Still, I feel none of them can be considered the icing of the cake in this game. Let me emphasize something here: I had a lot of fun while playing this game! But besides the feeling of I want more, there was an incommodious feeling of is this all you’ve got/I’ve already seen it before during my time reviewing it.
The winter is coming…

What we disliked

  • Bugs: Yeah, I’ve run into a few bugs while reviewing this game too. It is not a game breaking bug, but still, a bug that bothers me – and you too, if you aim for those sweet 1000G. I’m talking about story related achievements that didn’t unlock. Something that must be simple to solve (I believe it is) and should not take long to be addressed by the studio. But it’s still worth mentioning.
Jesse, we have to cook!

Score: 73%
Landflix Odyssey is a fun adventure! Full of good humor and friendly mechanics, it allows you to revisit (or visit for the first time) the world of famous TV series. It’s an easy-to-enjoy game that everyone can enjoy – even in its most challenging levels. If you are looking for some lighter adventure to enjoy the holidays this year, here’s the right candidate for you. Be careful with the spoilers and enjoy the show!