REVIEW | Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure (Pinball FX3 DLC)

REVIEW | Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure (Pinball FX3 DLC)

LifeisXbox’s Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure review | Finally! It has been a while since we had a new Pinball FX3 table. This Indiana Jones table, originally released way back in 1993 is another Williams licensed table. I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of the Williams tables as the space between flippers is significantly wider compared to FX3’s Pasha, Tesla or one of the many other original pinball tables. That said, the exact digital copy of the real Williams Indiana Jones table is done perfectly. From the physics, the original sound and the table mini-games.

True-to-life, ZEN Studios recreated this table with careful precision. Even the machine’s original sound and music is a perfect replica. So the authentic approach also means lots and lots of score points! If you have been struggling with the Pinball FX3 high score Achievement then you’ll absolutely love this pinball table. More than ten different missions are included, with heavy influence from Indiana Jones movies. Millions of points are counted faster than Henry Walton’s whip. If you ever played the real table you’ll know just how fun and smooth this one plays. As I did mention in the intro the gap between the two flippers is large so lots of middle lane balls will be lost, but you’ll eventually learn from your mistakes so it will happen less frequently. While some of the visual touches are wonderful, for example, Indiana whipping from left to right there are two really annoying things that don’t happen on the real table. Planes fly over your screen and a rainstorm happens too, as a result, it becomes harder to keep an eye on the ball. You can toggle them out but ALL other visuals touches are gone if you decide to do that, which is a shame. Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure strength is how fun the table actually plays, with only two flippers it is easier to play than most other pinball tables and the mini-games are brilliant. Some of them are done by playing it on the table’s matrix screen, with one of them you have to shoot cowboys. That one was my favourite and also gives a lot of scores!

Above on the left, you have another mini-game. A plateau with holes that you can tilt left or right and if the ball reaches the end you’ll get a score boost. We have seen this type of thing on earlier Pinball FX tables but if I remember correctly this was the very first pinball machine with this type of technology. It also features lots of multi-ball missions, two of them even with 6 (!) balls.

There’s one big issue with this DLC, the €15 price tag. I don’t know what ZEN Studios is thinking but that’s a way too high price, I don’t care how iconic or fun the Indiana Jones table is. This simply feels wrong. Considering the price from previous Pinball FX3 tables (€10 for two tables).


More than 12k Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure machines were made. Now the digitally recreated table is the 100th table for Pinball FX, that’s a great milestone that is sadly overshadowed by the high price. I understand that this iconic table will have a serious licence price but asking €15 for one table is ridiculous.

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