Review | Hitman 3

Review | Hitman 3

Agent 47 is a ruthless, cold, and resourceful assassin. Only someone like him is capable of overcoming the most difficult situations. Because the Hitman saga has gone through some difficulties since its “relaunch” in 2016. IOI Interactive took the reins of this trilogy and gave it a twist, creating a sandbox where each mission is a world of opportunities. Hitman 3 shapes a very ambitious title. A giant of playability and replayability, he returns to show his last assassinations and go through the big door for a must-have game.

We put ourselves in the shoes of Agent 47 in Hitman 3 for around 40 hours on Xbox Series X

What we liked!

  • Our playground is bigger than ever: Hitman 3 proposes 6 new locations to carry out the eliminations of Providence members, such as Dubai, a mansion in Dartmoor (England), Berlin in Germany, Chongqing in China, some magnificent vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina. I think this installment of the trilogy is the most ambitious of the 3, giving us total freedom in 6 locations.
  • An amazing level design: After planning each mission, we dive into intricate and exotic environments that will put us to the test … starting with the tallest building in the world for example. Everything around us can become a tool to carry out the murders in a clean way. We can opt for the classic style of knocking out the security members and disguising ourselves with their uniform to go to the guarded areas or something more “sophisticated” like sabotaging the servers and turning off the security cameras. Each mission is specifically designed to discover, test, and enjoy. It’s not just that the game rewards us for exploring more areas and trying new resources … it’s a joy trying to make it more complicated and discover new ways to do it in the process.
  • Delightful replayability: I warn you that Hitman 3 is a highly replayable title, each level has infinite possible solutions. As a novelty, in the maps of the new installment, we also find “shortcuts” (a bit in line with what we have seen in the Souls games for example) that help us prepare to escape or set a trap for a moving target. Along with the shortcuts comes the camera. A mobile phone, with which we can take snapshots in a kind of limited photo mode, but which will also serve to shape new playable options and information on objectives. If you’ve already played the previous installments, each mission has a large number of challenges that offer the game impressive replayability. The interesting thing about this, is that even if you have finished the mission many times, you never fall into boredom or monotony, since thanks to these challenges, discovering new things to do or new ways to eliminate our enemies becomes too much fun to do.
  • An incredible variety for an incredible protagonist: Something that I think we all know is that Hitman is one of the best sandboxes ever created. As I mentioned earlier, each mission presents us with endless opportunities to carry out that mission in our own way. These opportunities also speak of a large number of weapons, objects or tools that are presented to us to carry it out. From screwdrivers, hammers, crowbars to crazy objects that we can use to our benefit like knocking someone out with a bunch of grapes or throwing a toy war tank at an enemy to faint him, each object counts and has its function or its importance.
  • Planning is the foundation of success: Before starting each level, we can plan our mission in many different ways. To begin what you wear, such as the legendary Agent 47 suit or a suit more appropriate to the situation to go unnoticed, where to start, the weapons we want to carry, our objects, etc. Thanks to the mastery progression, every time we finish challenges, we can raise the mastery at that level, unlocking new equipment, new places to start each mission or new missions to do within the level, everything is designed to help replay value.
  • The settings are wonderful in every way: The Hitman saga has always been characterized by how successful and immersive its scenarios are in each mission that the game represents. In Hitman 3, each of the 6 locations are perfectly carried out, I will not deny that on more than one occasion, I kept looking at the distance of the map, because they are very well created. From an amazing mansion in Dartmoor, England, a nightclub in Berlin, to a country house in Mendoza, Argentina, there is a lot of variety in the design of each one and they are very well represented.
  • A more than spectacular closing: Hitman 3 works as a closing of the saga beyond the plot aspect, the game will act as a “container” that will allow us to import the scenarios and missions of the two previous installments (also the progress of Hitman 2) and enjoy them with the improvements that the Glacier engine has incorporated, both visual and in the enemy AI.

Somewhere between

  • A feeling of wanting more: Once you get into the rhythm of the game, its all so fluid that you really enjoy playing it. While you can play the same mission an incredible number of times, once you discover all the challenges and all that the mission the game offers, you are always left with the feeling of wanting more. Obviously, Hitman 3 works as a kind of “complete collection”, since if you have Hitman 1 & Hitman 2 in your account, you can enjoy the levels in Hitman 3, this is a very good thing for those who never got into the skin of the agent 47, but for those who don’t have such titles and want to play it to pass the time, 6 levels is a number that is going to fall short.

What we disliked

  • Nothing! : Usually in each title, we find things that we would change or dislike, but personally, everything in Hitman 3 seemed very good. In my 40 hours playing the game, I never suffered any kind of bug that ruined my gaming experience. Obviously, a review is something very personal and something that is never the absolute truth, but it’s a game that I had fun playing like I didn’t do in a long time.



Hitman 3 is the best way to give a final closure to this wonderful trilogy. A title that is incredible both visually and technically.
In addition, I especially liked its vocation as “Definitive Edition”, the fact that it’s released as a complete game and that it serves as a “container” of the previous levels, with graphic and mechanical improvements, is something that gives a plus to this wonderful title is the largest Belgian Xbox centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this review with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium.