Review Gigantosaurus

Review Gigantosaurus

So, this game is from a kid show on Disney Junior channel. It tells the story of the adventure of four little dino’s and one giant dinosaur called Giganto. The four little dino’s are named Mazu the Ankylosaurus, Tiny the Triceratops, Rocky the Parasaurolophus and Bill the Brachiosaurus. You start the game with 2 Antagonists called Cror and Totor, who are Velociraptors, they stole a dinosaur egg. They ran away with the egg, as you track them down. They encounter Giganto and drop the egg. While you give the egg to Hegan, the Pteranodon, who puts the egg back in the nest, a meteor drops from the sky and blocks the volcano. Now it gets interesting. You need to assist Giganto to remove the meteor who is blocking the Volcano. Before you can do so, you need to collect and bring back the eggs to the nests, before you can continue on journey. When you finished a couple of puzzles, you can move to the other areas, as you follow Giganto. Giganto is faster than any of the little dino’s, he moves over the map at a higher pace, but you need to follow him. To do that you have 4 vehicles at your disposal and you need to race from location to other location. Off course things will happen if you drive after a giant dinosaur and you lose the correct way. In the end you get to control Giganto to save the day.

What we liked!

  • Loading: The game loads fast. It’s not a really big game and you will not loose a lot HDD space, but this game runs brilliantly. The maps are beautifully laid out and the attention to details are great. The Unreal 4 engine does the job pretty well!

Somewhere between

  • Direction? I wished they put a marking system on the map, so you know where you have to go. I got lost a lot in the game. I’m the guy in PUBG or Battlefield 4, where your friends yell let’s go west and I run south, because my sense of direction is bad in games.
  • Selecting playable dino’s: Switching to chose another dino. I had to mash the RB-button a lot to switch to the correct dino. Maybe a selector, would have been better?
  • Might be too difficult: I don’t know the age category for Disney Junior. But some of the puzzles might be a little hard. I had to jump halve across the map to get to an egg or hazelnut. If you put enough effort in it you can figure it out. I did. (bad reference 😛 )

What we disliked

  • Invisible walls: I don’t know if you can say it is bad. But in the last race I encountered an issue. It was like, I ran in to an invisible wall. I was racing and I tried this with several characters, and every time I bumped into it. On my screen it looks like a ramp, but when I got closer, I hit this invisible wall. I used the jump button, but even then, it would slow me down for no reason. It was annoying, because I couldn’t get the dino skull in the race. In the end I made it. You need a big lead to win that race or do it multiple times. I chose the last option.



I must say I really enjoyed the game. The music gets stuck in your head for the entire day. This game is great for kids and if they like running around and look in every corner of the map. They will definitely enjoy this game. I couldnt find anything really wrong with the game. It just works! Everything loads smooth and fast. If you want to get a 1000-point score for your achievements, you can finish it in 12hours or less. I did it in 15 hours, because I’m really bad at puzzles in general. But once you get the hang off it. It’s fun.