Review: Colony Siege

Review: Colony Siege

It’s a good day for those who are locked inside and are big fans of tower defense games! Finifugal Games has given early access to its game called Colony Siege for all of us to admire the forgotten but still very well alive genre of tower defense/strategy. If that sounds like your cup of tea, or if you are still doubtful (or just want to know more about this developer), get ready for an in-depth review of one of the better games I played in a while.

What we liked!

  • General gameplay: The game gives you many options and tons of information about what specific towers and entities do in-game. You get the ability to fast forward game time and attack rounds to stay laser-focused. But it doesn’t end there! Make sure that you can focus all your attention on the game since you don’t just “build a bunch of towers”. Oh no, you get to deploy troops, relocate them, fly around your “commander ship” and execute repairs, whilst you are busy deploying airstrikes from other buildings, … needless to say, there is not a moment where you think: “can I skip this part already?”.
  • Music choice: Funifugal Games has done its best to select the right music, for the right type of fight/moment in the battle. The music didn’t feel oppressive, nor annoying, and in general, added to the sci-fi theme and intensity of the battles.
  • The graphics: Whilst playing the game, I was generally surprised with the high detail that has been applied to the little troops from both camps, and the detail in animations.
    Also a big plus for those playing on an ultrawide monitor: the game scales with a positive advantage for ultrawide displays, meaning that you get to see more of the map, compared to a normal aspect ratio.

Somewhere between

  • The general instructions: The game doesn’t always supply you with the best of knowledge or instructions on what certain things do. During the game, for example, I found myself wondering how to complete a certain objective (being: repair big crystal). That being said, after clicking around, I found out that I had to deploy units there, together with my commander, to then give a repair order. Maybe a tooltip would have been useful, or a marker on the map (with a shining arrow, since there was a little circle on the map) would have been useful. However, the rest of the instructions e.g. where the mobs will come from, etc, are clearly marked out.

What we disliked

  • Early access part: I completed the available missions/maps in about 3 hours, which is fine, but I really hope Funifugal will continue to make more levels, ’cause it felt amazing to play.



Honestly, I am really looking forward to new patches, and to the moment that the game will be finished and have extra levels since it was an amazing 3 hours spent in-game. If the developers listen to the little feedback written above, then this game is an absolute recommendation for those who enjoy the genre! Even if this still doesn’t sound like something you would play on a daily basis, I would strongly suggest to at least try out the game, and see if you can enjoy it.