Review: Car Demolition Clicker

Review: Car Demolition Clicker

You either love or hate the clicker genre. Let that be a key sentence when you decide to buy Car Demolition Clicker or not. While this genre is extremely flooded on pc we don’t have many of them on Xbox, partly because idle-clickers are more convenient on a computer. That didn’t stop developer Blue Sunset Games and publisher Ultimate Games to make it available for the Xbox consoles. A smart choice if you ask me, besides the odd few we don’t have a lot of similar games and it is an enjoyable introduction for those new to the genre. Because yeah, this genre isn’t just simply pressing A all the time as fast as you can. You actually need some managing tactics and to be honest, and you may laugh with this, training your finger to press the A-button a million times requires some duration practice.

This is a short-review, our usual the good, mixed and the bad was difficult because of the nature of this game. We played Car Demolition Clicker for three hours on Xbox Series X.

First things first, it looks and sounds pretty neat and the destruction of car parts brings some technical joy. I am not overly informed on this genre on pc but it is one of the better-looking clicker games. One of the most accessible too, there isn’t an overly complicated system behind it. You can buy and improve drones for additional damage, improve your weapon, and sometimes switch to a new one and buy a tower for money income, and small overall improvements. Unlike other clicker games, there isn’t much endgame or confusing calculations for beating bosses or improving your money income. Car Demolition Clicker is very basic and I mean that in the best way possible, a perfect entree for newcomers and those familiar with the genre will love it too because of the visuals.

While I said basic it still has deeper mechanics for those that play Car Demolition Clicker for a longer time, resetting progress gives you a permanent damage boost, you can collect faction points, you have an endless mode, and reaching the highest weapon mode will require some playthroughs as you need diamonds that you get from bosses. Regardless of how long you play this, I am sure you’ll enjoy it, but keep in mind what I said in the beginning, you either love or hate the clicker genre.


Who knew that pressing A a million times would be fun. Car Demolition Clicker is an excellent idle-clicker game with some good visuals. It doesn’t feature complicated mechanics making it perfect for those that want to try this special genre.