Review | Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Review | Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

CORAL! CORAL WHERE ARE YOU! Aaah… If there ‘s one meme that I enjoy the most that came out of the The Walking Dead franchise? It has to be the fact that Rick Grimes always screwed up his own son ‘s name. Namely… Carl. And while I watched TWD up until the last season, I got that stale feeling in my mouth that it just wasn’t the same anymore with Glenn gone, Rick being MIA and other key elements missing from the crew. And while the serie lost my interest, I always kept my eyes open for game related stuff. Like, I played the mobile game for a while as well as I enjoyed each TWD Telltale game (god they punched you right in the gut with their finales). But even those seemed to dry up after a while. And then Clockstone Software came out from the shrubs and said, hey… You know this game Bridge Constructor? Let’s take that and mix it up with the walking creepies and ghoulies. Let’s put the pedal to the metal and bring in zombies! And which better zombie universe to collide with than… THE WALKING DEAD! Eager to find out how it faired? Then look no further and strap yourselves in. Because this is our review of… Bridge Constructor: The walking dead edition!

This is a short-review, our usual the good, mixed and the bad was difficult because of the nature of this game. We played Bridge Constructor: The walking Dead edition for 3 hours on Xbox Series X.

Right out the gate you’ll come across your first familiar face from the series. Eugene. And I have to say, they got his clever banter and witty remarks pretty much down to the letter. He greets you, a ragtag bunch who are trying to do their best to survive the onslaught of the living dead, while he himself is running away from (or leading them right to you) a horde of the walking shamblers.

And it is also here, that you’ll be building your first bridge.
The building on itself is practically the same as the old formula of Bridge Builder. You place down your beams, be sure to have supports for them. Either above for carrying weight or below for pressure.
It is here where I had some gripes. Depending on how well lit your room is, you might not notice the difference between a planned plank or a fully built one. The shade of brown used for it tended to mold together causing it to look like I had already placed something. Ergo, when you tell the game to “start” and your whacky machine gets turned on to be tested? Everything just falls apart, or if you built your bridge to withstand an entire marching band followed by elephants and tanks? It totally bamboozles your crew.

Because yes, you have to give your crew assignments. Some are time related as to where you must set and deploy a trap. Others are get your ass from point A to point B.
But all of them have the same jest. Build a bridge, complete the goals and survive to tell the tale.


All in all, Bridge constructor: The walking dead edition plays and feels like regular bridge constructor but in the world of AMC ‘s The Walking Dead. You’ll come across some familiar faces from the series but deep down it’s just plain old Bridge Constructor with a twist. Fans from either series might even get a kick out of it, so don’t stop yourself from trying it out if either of the 2 fancies your interest!