Review | Boss Rush: Mythology (Tidbit-style)

Review | Boss Rush: Mythology (Tidbit-style)

We love all sorts of games. Sometimes it is hard to cover a game in our traditional review style – that’s why we have Tidbit-style reviews. These shorter reviews cover games that deserve attention too but simply don’t fit our good, mixed, and bad template. In addition, they get a monthly summary article to give them even more reader attention!

Game name | 35%
Publisher: Sometimes You
Alexey Suslin

The time has come to pick up your trusty sword and delve into many different worlds, searching for the most formidable opponents that dare stand in your way. In Boss Rush: Mythology, your soul purpose is to enter specific realms and defeat the boss which presents itself to you thus unlocking the next once you have been deemed successful. Simply, it’s boss after boss but nothing is simple about the difficulty. Easy difficulty is a walk in the park but standard difficulty is where the real challenge takes place. As for controls – you are able to attack, charge attack, jump, dodge roll, and parry (the latter coming in extremely useful) but with each boss having different mechanics, you must learn and perfect your timing if you stand any chance at being victorious. You also have a handful of health potions that should be used wisely – your timing when using these can also be detrimental to your success. I personally found standard difficulty incredibly difficult and believe many may struggle with it. It was quite a disheartening feeling knowing I couldn’t beat even the first boss on ‘standard’.

With each boss comes optional objectives which consist of beating the boss within a specific time limit, taking no damage, and two other miscellaneous ones that vary. These are not needed for anything but I liked having additional challenges to aim towards. Each time you defeat a boss, you are rewarded with money which can be spent on stronger weapons and traps should you want an advantage over your enemies. As for the graphics, they were incredibly disappointing and painful to view; I just couldn’t get my head around the lack of detailing and boring colour palettes used throughout the game. I understand the game is built around defeating mythological creatures but everything was too outdated for my liking. The audio didn’t fair much better either, unfortunately. In my opinion, the sound effects were bland and the background music didn’t really add anything to what should have been a valiant battle; it just filled the void of silence.

Overall, the main element going for the game is its ‘standard’ difficulty creating a challenge for the majority of people but there isn’t much else that grabbed my attention for any noticeable length of time. If the appearance could have been modernised, audio made to add depth to the fights, and the game had additional content and difficulties then I believe the game would’ve benefitted greatly. However, as it stands, Boss Rush: Mythology is quite a mediocre game that struggles to hold up to many others released in the modern day of a similar genre/s.